Malawi #2 Training To Drill!!!!

Our first week of Boot Camp training is behind us! Yeah!! Today (Monday) we continue our music and drama classes in the morning. We 10 Malawihave several girls who can play the guitar and Timothy, the son of our staff leaders, joins us for music class to play his drum (and add a male voice to our all-girl choir). In Drama Class we are learning how to effectively share the Lord through various dramas which means some of us are having to get rid of our inhibitions.  In the afternoon, right after lunch, we have free time which is when we get our bodies and our clothes clean. Apparently we didn’t do as well as we had hoped with cleaning our tent site on Saturday, because we were blessed with the privilege of cleaning the bathrooms on Sunday during our free time.  It was a good bonding experience and the girls served the Lord with happy hearts. Then for the last two classes in the afternoon we have training on how to run the well-drilling rig. We are looking forward to learning how to use the rig in order to do our project once we arrive in Malawi. Thank you for your continued prayers for us. They are much appreciated. Here are a few more testimonies from the girls.

Boot Camp has probably been the hardest thing I have ever done and it has certainly tested my perseverance, my strength and my faith. Although the mosquitoes have been biting, the sun beating down and we have been struggling to stay awake, we are growing as a team and we are all really excited to get to Malawi.  I believe God has big things planned for the all-girl well drilling and orphan care team!  I love everyone back home in Ohio and I can’t wait to see you in August.   Kira Barr

Boot Camp has been an adventure so far!  We have finished our first week of classes and are transitioning into our new schedule.  Overall, the team has gotten used to the unique conditions, other than the humidity.  Our Bible classes and personal time spent in the Word enable us to overcome all of the challenges.  I miss my family and friends, but I am also excited to leave for Malawi!   Anna Orange

Boot Camp has been so different from what I expected it to be.  And yet I feel stronger spiritually, physically and mentally.  I am learning so much about the tools that I’m going to be using.  One of those is concrete—how to make it, how to handle it and how to use it properly.  Before I came to Boot Camp, I wished that I could go straight to Malawi; But, now that I’m here I am so thankful that skipping it wasn’t an option.   Nia Omega




  1. Eivind and Carol Bray

    Greetings Malawi Team…. Well drilling….. Back in 1994 I was leader on the first all girls work team. We went to Portugal to work for CEF. We were known that year as the Portu GALS. Kind of funny!! Have a wonderful summer serving the LORD…. Greetings to Timothy, TD and Faithie…. Miss Gay, make sure your girls remain “ladies”… mine forgot until they got to debrief. Have a blessed summer…
    Miss Carol and Mr. (sometimes uncle) Eivind

  2. Thanks for the letter. Love you and miss you, praying for you and your team!!! Almost time to go 🙂 Yeah!!!!

  3. Love you Anna!!

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