Mongolia/S. Korea Is Counting Down The Days

The team is beginning to count down the days until we commission and can travel to our project.  Sunday the team enjoyed a combined 24 Mongoliachurch service with the other teen teams and the Preteens.  After lunch everyone had an opportunity to take a cool bucket bath, review their memory verses and write a letter home.
It has been exciting to see the team growing closer together as they continue to train together.  Friday was the team’s last day of training for teaching English in Korea.  They are getting excited to use their skills that they have been working on in Korea.  The team has also been enjoying Drama class and are working hard at a variety of dramas that they plan on using in both Mongolia and Korea. The team had their first Music Class on Saturday, it was great to hear everyone Praising God together in song.  They had over 20+ songs that they wanted to sing.  We have many classes this upcoming week to work on those songs and prepare them for evangelism overseas. The team was excited on Friday night when they won the Cleanliness Award after Ms. Piggy checked the leader tents.  The pool felt wonderful on Saturday morning.
As, we look ahead at our last four days of training, we anticipate more construction classes, advanced evangelism and music classes.  It was exciting today as we are already discussing the details of packing up, leaving and travel to Mongolia.  Please continue to pray that we will finish well, attitudes will remain positive and we will learn what the Lord desires on these last few days.
Caleb Ling: Before Boot Camp, I felt that my faith had become a little stagnant; I was growing my faith but no where near as quickly as I knew I should.  Boot Camp was a wake-up call.  Being constantly submerged in a Christ-centered atmosphere energized the growth of  my relationship with God.  I felt a hunger to know God better and act as He would want me to.  I really hope it continues as we go to the field and even after we get home.
Reagan McLaughlin: Here I am again! I never thought I would find myself back at the Lord’s Boot Camp, but then again I don’t really know where I will find myself, even tomorrow.  God has a plan and we all wish to know it, but I have learned to strengthen my faith.  God’s way up is down, and I am still falling only to get right back up.
Colton Kostner: This is my fifth year at Boot Camp and I  have to say, that this is probably my best experience yet.  God has taught me a lot and has been leading me towards
full-time missions.  I’ve been reading through Romans in devotions and it says that God chooses the unlikely to do His work.  And this summer has taught me that I’ve been called to do His work.
Courtney Franco: Boot Camp is flying by! This is my fourth year going on a team and even though I’ve been through Boot Camp so many times, God is still working on me.  Every year I’m more open to God and what He has planned for my life.  I can’t wait to see what He has in store for this team.  I feel myself growing every morning during devotions and our team growing stronger every day!  I pray that this summer will be the best one I’ve ever had.



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