The Myanmar Team Is On The Downhill Slide Of Boot Camp!

Well, the Myanmar team is on the “downhill slide”. It is hard to believe that the team will complete their training on Thursday and will be 17 Myanmar Ncommissioned on Saturday. The team is determined to finish strong!

Since our last report, we have won the Cleanliness Award again, which meant another dip in the pool. Since that time, we have not been on stage. That can be good in that we have not been low enough to get the Piggy Award. They have also won the Obstacle Course a couple of times.
The team is continuing with their regular classes. They are now also doing a drama class. They are improving in their puppet and music classes.
Needless to say, everyone is excited about finishing Boot Camp and going to Burma. We will be here for a couple of days after Commissioning as we don’t fly until Tuesday. However, while we are here, we will be put into air-conditioned lodging.
The team is doing great and are showing a lot of unity. They encourage one another and are a positive influence on those around them!
Autumn Albritton – Hey from Boot Camp! The first few days here were kind of hard to adjust to. It has gotten way better now that we have gotten into a routine. Every day goes by so quickly. Our team has the best schedule! In the mornings, we have our construction classes and it is not as hot during that time. In the afternoons, we have our evangelism classes where we can chill and have fun while learning. I can honestly say that I have the best team here! We all get along very well and we laugh at pretty much everything. My favorite part of the day is always when we have worship during Rally. Boot Camp has been an amazing experience so far. I love meeting all these new people!
Elena Demos – We are all so pumped up for the last week of Boot Camp! I haven’t fallen in the Slough once which is a GINORMOUS answer to prayer. We also went to the Display Room today where we learned all about TMI’s projects overseas. While there, we enjoyed the air conditioning! Keep us in your prayers as we pack out at the end of the week.
Elissa Bunn – So far, Boot Camp has been good. The Obstacle Course is my favorite part. My team does it in the morning before breakfast. It is a good way to wake up. I also enjoy the evening rallies. However, Boot Camp is very tiring. It is pretty hot, so falling asleep is more difficult than at home. I am adjusting well and having fun, even though it is much different than home.
Cole Holiman – Boot Camp has been a real eye opener for me. This place is the equivalent of a third-world country and has made me realize all that I take for granted. I have never felt closer to God than I do here. God is revealing Himself more to me each day I am here.




  1. Myanmur Team. I am praying for you guys daily. Paul and Beth are great people. As you take this journey in life. I pray that you will learn a lot from this experience. Listen to what Paul and Beth tell you because they will not steer you in the wrong direction. Most of all, keep your eyes on the Lord and your eyes open to what God has to say to you. I don’t know any of you but I love you all in the lord and I am praying and will be praying for you all over the summer. God Bless you all.

  2. So glad to hear of your successes and that you see the Lord at work within your group. We continue to pray for your health, safety, unity, and growth in all the the Lord has for you.

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