A Note From The Old West Team

The Old West team has been learning a lot here at the Lord’s Boot Camp. I think everyone’s favorite class is probably Drama. They have been 14025 Old West Teamlearning a couple different evangelistic dramas to use when we are on the field. Today they start their advanced evangelism classes. We know God has great things planned for this team and so with only six days left before we leave, we are going to be pushing hard to get everything possible out of our training.

Boot Camp is a very fun and different experience. The bucket baths are interesting and even after, we still smell. I’m really excited to go on my trip to Arizona and can’t wait – Sean M.
Boot Camp is a great experience to grow in many different ways. It will help us with our relationship with God. There’s a time to share the gospel here at Boot Camp and on the field.
The weather is horrible. We need to remember we came for a reason and God will help us fulfill our purpose. It’s a great time to show who you are and who you are going to be. Trying to find your identity in Christ. You will be a different person at the end of the summer, if you let God takec control of your life. The days are hard, but if you do everything with a great attitude it’s an amazing time. – Nicol M.



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