A Report From The Philippines Team!

It’s another wonderful day that the Lord has made and as time gets closer to us leaving for the Philippines we are overfilled with excitement 26 Philippinesand joy. We are ready to serve the Lord and help the people who need us in the Philippines. Our team is doing an amazing job in Drama Class and even the drama teacher wants our team to do a drama in front of the whole Boot Camp. The team was very excited to hear that and they are ready to perform in front of everyone. Also, they are doing a great job in puppet and music classes and their teachers keep on complementing them about how much of a great job they are doing.  Yesterday they swam in the lake and really enjoyed that. What is also amazing is that they decided to show the Preteens how to wash their laundry and they helped them. Because of that, they also won the Godliness Award, so they get to swim in the pool. It is so amazing to look at this team and see how much they have bonded in such a short time and to see how well they are getting along with one other. They help each other on the O.C. (Obstacle Course) and we have even gotten everyone over the wall. It has rained a lot, but our team seems to like the rain, but we don’t like the fact of water in our tents but we are truly thankful for every thing that God has given us here at the Lord’s Boot Camp. Please continue to pray for our team and until next time have a blessed day.

Boot Camp is such a great place to grow closer to God. The people and the classes are amazing and they challenge my faith. I can’t wait to go to the field and share my love of Christ with others.  – Aaron Beals
Boot Camp has flown by so fast! It feels like it was only yesterday that I arrived. The only thing that makes the days long is when thoughts of my family and friends come to mind. Its been really incredible what the Lord has done in my life here! My walk with Him has never been so strong! I can’t wait to see what the Lord does through me this summer and for the rest of my life. I love my team and how crazy they are, and I can’t wait to tell my family and friends about all the adventures we will go through in the Philippines! I thank God every day for such a supportive family and friends.   – Jeshua Moore
I can’t  wait to get to the Philippines. Our team is tight knitted and we are learning skills that will be valuable to us. I pray that we will make a true difference in peoples lives and that God will work through and in us.  – Conner Henderson



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