The Holy Land Team visits Jerusalem

Our team has bonded quite well and we are seeing spiritual growth among team members. It’s encouraging to see them help one another 07 Israeland lift one another up. They are very open during devotions with their testimonies and prayers. The teens continue to maintain a positive attitude with the work of trimming overgrown bushes and trees, picking up trash and transporting large rocks up the hill for the rock garden. We are making inquiries about a fencing project to protect the school children from the public that will be using the restaurant, this will be a good project for the team as they will leave a lasting mark that they were here. Sunday we went to Jerusalem for church and had the opportunity to go to the Old City and walk where Jesus walked. We walked on Via Dolorosa and saw where Jesus was crucified, where He was wrapped and His burial place. Following evening devotionsk there was interesting discussion about the ornate cathedrals placed upon these areas. We also had opportunity to go to the Wailing Wall and this too prompted some great discussion about our faith in a risen Lord who is alive in each of us and available to us at all times.  It was a great day, with great sharing time followed by a time of popcorn and quizzing, just a fun way to end the day.
Lauren Howland – We started our work this week. Our jobs have been to clean up trash and dig holes for seating areas. The work isn’t easy but it is god to get to see the progress we make and the weather is actually perfect to work in. There is always a breeze and the view is absolutely fantastic!!
Caleb McAndrew – Things have been great. Everyone is working together and we’ve been getting a lot done. It’s awesome to see to see how much of a difference has already been made; I look forward greatly to what The Lord will accomplish through us here. We all got to go to Jerusalem and see some biblical landmarks such as where they believe Christ was crucified, wrapped and buried. And the Wailing Wall. It’s amazing to think that where we walked on Sunday, Jesus walked 2,000 years ago. We also go to go to a local church and sing! So far it has been a truly amazing experience.




  1. For Noel Adamson

    We miss you so much and are praying for you everyday!! Love you, Love you, Love you!!

    • Nelson & Gina Salazar

      GREETINGS to you, believing you are Noel’s Mother… We were blessed to get to meet Noel June 6th! We live about 40 miles south of TMI and delivered our son Lucas to The Lord’s Boot Camp. We were the first ones to arrive since we are local! This is his first trip! And a BIG one at that. We visited on Father’s Day too, gave Noel a BIG MOM hug for you! I will be sending her a card in a day or so, sent one to Lucas on Saturday. Well not sure you will see this since it has been 5 days… will leave it in The LORD’s hands… Blessings to you and your family… SHALOM!

  2. Can’t wait to hear about all the sights you have seen Maddie! So glad to hear of all you are accomplishing for Hope Secondary School and the way God is working through your time there! I miss you so much but am thrilled for all you are experiencing.
    Praying for you and your whole team. “Being confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you will perfom it until the day of Jesus Christ” Phil 1:6
    Love you, Mom

  3. For Katie Conner. Honey I am praying for you! I am asking The Lord to work in and through you! I am so expectant of the Lords work within you and through you. You are my hero. Can’t wait to visit and learn of the things The Lord has taught you. I love you and miss you with all my heart! Mom

  4. Nelson & Gina Salazar

    For Lucas Noe Salazar:

    It truly is a new season and a new day for you and us too. Our Father GOD moved heaven & earth to make this trip to The Holy Land happen! We stand on GOD’s WORD knowing it will not return void and what He started in you He will complete…us too, PRAISE YESHUA!!!

    Be blessed in every way, spiritually, physically, mentally and socially as you experience serving Him in His Holy Land! Praying you will hear HIS voice and receive ALL HE has for you. We are praying for Richard, Gina, Lisa, Nathan, Noel, Arielle, Lauren, Caleb, Landon, Isaiah, Philip and ALL team members…. NONE OF YOU WILL EVER BE THE SAME! WE LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW,
    There is nobody like you. Looking forward to your return with qavah – hopeful expectations. Papa, Mama & Emmanuel.

  5. Glad to hear you all have bonded so well. Can’t wait to hear all about your work and travels.

  6. For Maddie Yoder, So excited for all you are experiencing while in Israel Maddie. How blessed you are. God has his hand upon you! Can’t wait for a full report when you return and to see God working through you. Love you. Diane J

  7. For Caleb McAndrew
    You are in our constant prayers.

    Among our prayers for you and for the whole group will be this one: that you get to see more of Jerusalem.

    But above all, we pray that you represent Jesus well.

    Love, Grandpa

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