Uganda Is In Koboko!

Hello from Koboko, Uganda!  We apologize for the lack of reports.  We have been traveling for so many days. It was a 15-hour truck ride. 14014 Uganda TeamAlong the way, we spotted baboons, monkeys, impalas and AFRICAN ELEPHANTS! It was AMAZING!!!! We crossed the Nile River three times on our long trip. The team traveled so well and never complained about the long ride.
We arrived in Koboko on Saturday night and have settled into our new home.  We started our work project today.  We plan to set up  a wind turbine, finish the toilet block and fill in the courtyard of the base to ground level.  We love our new home although it took some of us a while to adjust to squatty potties.  We have many children that come to visit each day and last night the team had a great time of playing games and singing with them. Our first soccer outreach should be on Wednesday and we are looking forward to it!
Everyone is healthy and adjusting well. Our two team members who struggled during Boot Camp are doing great!  Thank you all for your prayers.  We will try to send pictures with our next report.



  1. Mindy…We (Jerry, Bill and I) are keepin an eye on your travels! We keep you in prayer-blessings on your adventure and strength for the journey! Love you.
    Bill n Jami White
    Jerry Judd

  2. Hi Roman,
    So glad to see you smiling! Have a wonderful trip. I just booked you to come visit in NY in August – Yay! So at the end of all this, plan on Max Brenner’s 🙂
    Aunt Christine

  3. We are so proud of you, Irelynn and all of your friends. We pray that you will be blessed and that you will individually and corporately bless the people of Uganda!

    Love you bunches,
    Uncle Earl & Aunt Lois Jean

  4. Go Mindy!
    We are praying for you and miss you. Pastor Sanford had me give an update to the Church last Sunday. You and the team were mentioned when Mike went down the prayer list.
    Love you!!! stay away from large animals!
    Your father….

  5. Go Team Uganda!
    To my niece Alisyn Clark, we are praying for you and your companions. Hope you’re having fun and that you’ve gotten to see Victoria. I know the bond you share will last forever! WE love you.. Love, Unto Mike & Aunt Harry

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