Zambia’s Adventures In Lufwanyama

Our team arrived at the Ndola Base on Thursday, 26 June, and began preparations to depart Ndola and head to the first Aids Orphan Rescue Zambia arrival Zambia arrival 2 Zambia arrival 3Unit in Lufyanyama.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and spent the rest of the weekend setting up camp, playing with the local kids, attending church and doing presentations with both adults and kids.  We also prepared for our mission work in eyeglasses, medical, evangelism, and construction for this week.  While at church on Sunday, Erin Cooper and Katherine Sharp lead a group of over 20 Zambia children during Sunday school and presented the gospel, played games and shared stories with the kids. At least 10 accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. The team presented songs for the congregation during church and Daymian Green shared a short Bible presentation on Deuteronomy, pertaining to not being of this world since we are saved and not to remain in our old ways, consumed by sinful acts and desires.Next week we are looking forward to evangelizing along with providing much-needed medical and eye care. We are also planning on improving the Rescue Unit itself by doing some side construction and farming projects. The weather has been clear with the lows in the 40s – 50s and the highs in the upper 70s.




  1. So excited for the team, and love getting the updates. Is there any way to get word to the camp that we would love to see more pics? I remember last year, following this team, I say A LOT come through. As a parent, it’s just nice seeing our kids while so far away. Thank-you.

  2. I hope all those eggs made it safely on your laps, and didn’t end up as scrambles eggs before they were meant to be eaten! Nancy Babson

  3. I’m so excited to hear more!! Can’t wait for the next update!!

  4. So glad to hear about answered prayers for safe travels for the team! Go team GO! Dave Cowan

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