Greetings From Ireland!

This weekend has been such a blessing for the team. We were blessed to be able to do a presentation at church this Sunday. Ethan 20140630_205404 20140626_161712 20140626_161553Rummeal gave a testimony of God’s faithfulness and serving God with your whole heart. He did a really good job! The team sang two songs….they sound really amazing. We also got an opportunity to pick trash up at the pier that is just a couple of minutes walk from where we are staying. Because of our witness we were invited to a BBQ. We praise the Lord for opens doors and answered prayers. We have been encouraging the teams to pray for open doors to evangelize. At this BBQ, which will be on the 10 of July, we will be doing music and also a drama.
Please pray for us as we do this.
The team is working very hard building the play ground and also building the roof for the gas tanks. They all work well together and really seem to be enjoying themselves. It has been a joy to see the team work hard. Josh Alexander has been doing the roofing with three or four of the other team members. It’s encouraging to see how much Josh enjoys the work that he is doing.  Praise God that He is continually working on us. Please pray that God will continue to soften the hearts of the team members.
The weather has been amazing, in the 70s. Perfect for walking around which is good because we did a lot of walking around this passed weekend. We were blessed to be able to take the team into Dublin after church. They also rode on the Dart training to get home. That was fun!
This coming week we look forward to getting more of the work done. This Wednesday we will be going to a prayer meeting at church.
Thank you so much for your prayers. Please pray for team unity and also for good health. It has been getting in the low 40s at night so lots of the team members get cold. So please pray that we don’t get sick. Please pray for more witnessing opportunities and also for the ones that we do have. Pray for open hearts both for the people of Ireland and also for the team members.




  1. Glad to hear the work is progressing, We are praying for safety and strength for the entire team. Please tell Abby Seevers hello from the Clyde’s.

  2. We have an Ireland parent team on Facebook called Ireland Parent Team:.TMI 2014 if any parents want to join.

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