Malawi #1 – Greetings From The Warm Heart Of Africa

Greetings from the Warm Heart of Africa!

We are FINALLY here! Rumphi is far more beautiful than any of us could have ever imagined. We arrived 48 hours ago via a bumpy truck Malawi #1 drillride, packed in like sardines through most of the Malawian country side, ending in the majestic mountains of Rumphi. We are treated every morning to a stunning sunrise that we can marvel at as we set out to work, and thanks to our 360 degree view of the lush green and bronzed mountains surrounding us, we can settle down for our evening devotions as we watch the golden sun fade from brilliant orange, to crimson red, and finally ending in the ebony black of night. THAT is when the real show begins. Never in all our lives have we been blessed to see so many stars. Last night, several team members counted seven shooting stars in 10 minutes as we were star gazing. One of our team members, Cayge, educated us by pointing out the Milky Way, which arches over our campsite like God’s rainbow of promise each night.

Though we have only been here 48 hours, we are starting to settle into our routine. We have our three meals a day, which everyone eagerly anticipates. We began drilling our well today and were blessed to drill down approximately 30 feet. Unfortunately, in order to find water, we need water to drill. This requires the team to make a half mile trek to a “boar hole”, which is what the Malawians call a well. The team went twice the first day and three times today. Many of the team decided to try carrying the full five-gallon buckets on their heads like the Malawians do. Most agree that it is far easier than trying to carry it by hand, but a few are still struggling to master it. I wouldn’t be surprised if the team tried to carry this tradition back to North America.

I’d love to continue to tell you how God has continued to bless our team, but I think I will leave that pleasure to the people you are longing to hear from most—your children. May God bless and keep you in your home cities and thank you for your continued prayers of support, safety and love.

Grace Cornelison – Just a few days in and we have already began to adjust as we watch God at work. At first, the children here at the Rumphi Base were unsure what to do with all of us, but thankfully, the songs TMI has provided us with have proved to be a great ice breaker. We even play “Chicken, Chicken, Goat,” as opposed to “Duck, Duck, Goose!” God has been majorly blessing this team through the efforts of Mr and Mrs Frey, the staff and the BMW students here in Malawi. Pretty much, at every turn, there is something to be thankful for. We started drilling today and got to praise God at Living Waters church yesterday! There have been many new experiences and I look forward to the new ones yet to come.

Cayge Sinnett – Going to Malawi has been a unique experience for me. Before, I had never known much about any part of Africa, but recently I have been experiencing the Malawian culture first hand. First of all, we have to use the restroom, which is only a hole in the ground. We have to walk a mile to get water. It is really fun to play with the African kids because they are really fast, even though they are a foot and a half shorter than most of us. What an experience so far.

Nadia Hershberger – I am so grateful to have this opportunity to return to Malawi! My team is awesome and we all get along so well. The people who live here really need a well and I am glad that we are able to provide one for the Malawians.

Liana Escue – Rumphi is gorgeous and it is so obvious that the Lord is working in this place. So many things have come together so that we can be here. We have really enjoyed playing with the orphans. You would’ve thought that we were celebrities. These are some of the poorest people in Africa and you would be hard pressed to find one without a smile. It has been so comforting to see children living in these tough situations laughing and playing games. If they can find joy, surely I can put a smile on my face while walking to get water! God has been so faithful during our journey and I can’t wait to see what else he has in store!

Joel Harbin – Malawi is such a beautiful country filled with generous, wonderful people. I’ve been learning how important it is to love all kinds of people, even if there is clashing. It teaches us humility. I have been to Africa before, but I am continuing to learn new things and am very much encouraged by the BMW students.

Rebecca Scoville – God has shown his faithfulness to our team during the last week of traveling and settling in. In the early morning hours of maneuvering through the airport, the Lord sustained our team with strength to carry duffel bags and to get to our flights on time. Our team was blessed with a hotel stay, provided by Ethiopian Airlines, which allowed for good sleep and hot showers. God’s blessings continued on our journey during a 12-hour flight from Washington to Ethiopia. What I had originally though would be a tiresome, boring flight turned out to be an awesome time of fellowship and fun. I cannot wait to see what God will bring us next!




  1. Susan and Fr. Frank Reeves

    How wonderful to hear what these great young folks are doing for others! We’re so proud of what you and your fellow missioners are accomplishing for those in need, Liana. From your message above it is clear that your light is shining!

  2. Mindy Potter,
    You are quite the lady! Your parents are so proud of you and I can see why. May you be blessed with His richest blessings for your eagerness to serve Him.
    Take care of yourself. I still remember you as the little girl of one of my best friends. You’re not little any more. Cows for pets?

  3. Thank you Lord for continuos answer to prayers.I am so very grateful that all is well and the team members are all doing well and serving the Lord in all they do.Raewyn keep being the wonderful leadernI know you to be and God will bless you for your efforts everyday of your journey.I will continue to pray for all of the Malawians and the Malawi team members.May God continue to bless and keep all of you safe and healthy.

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