Malawi Preteen Adventures

The Malawi Preteens are coming together as a team. So far we’ve had classes in music, carpentry, digging and concrete. Today we do 72 Malawi PT Npainting. It will be interesting to see how much paint they get on themselves as opposed to on the thing they are supposed to be painting. In our afternoon class times, we we learned what they do with the Sunday schools out in the bush in Africa. Hopefully when we are in Malawi, we will get to attend a Sunday school at one of the Units.

Sunday was a day of changing—we ran the Obstacle Course (OC), changed clothes for church. After church we changed clothes so as to keep them nice—important since we had pizza and chocolate milkshake for lunch! Then we had to put on our “Get Dirty For God” T-shirts for our team picture. After that it was back to the tent site to change into our swimsuits—we won time in the pool because we won Brainstorming for the song they made up to use as a Boot Camp theme song. After a fun time in the pool, it was time to change again. The we did a practice weigh out so the kids would know how much their stuff weighs. Then it was time for dinner and a combined rally with the teens. After the singing and announcements, we went back to our Big Top for our speaker who talked about Jonah.
A funny thing happened on the way to breakfast the other day after the OC. The check-in person for breakfast greeted us with a smile and told us that she had a reservation for our team for breakfast with outdoor dining. Some of our kids took her literally and thought there was a special place for us to eat. It was hard to convince some that “outdoor dining” was our eating site! We leaders had many smiles from that misunderstanding!
And now a word from our team members:
“ I love the rallys at night, also the songs!!! When the speaker talked about Paul and Silas, I learned that you never give up being a missionary. Teen Missions is the best camp in the world!!!”   Annabelle Lane
“At rally time in Boot Camp, I realized how poor many countries are. I should never take things for granted. I made it over the Sough and realized that if I read the Bible, I can grow spiritually.”  Sam OK
“Boot Camp is nice;; a lot of limitations and a lot of privileges. They have a pool, Obstacle Courses, biking, music and construction. Everyone is really nice here and we all have a lot in common. I have made some new friends and met an endless amount of people. Go Teen Missions!”  Dakota Mason




  1. It was wonderful seeing photos of Ashton and how much he is enjoying himself!! Your extended family in Florida loves you!! God Bless You on this journey!!

  2. Michael Magyar

    Great update, really enjoying seeing the pictures. Tristan looks like he is really enjoying himself, his sisters and brothers and us really hope he is learning lots about himself and god’s place within his heart.

  3. Bobbye Sue Evans

    Hi Annabelle, We love you and are praying for you and your team. From Grandmama

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