Phone Call Report From Panama

The head leader just called and was able to give us a short report before the phone cut off. There is no internet access where they are. The08 Panama only way to get out emails is through a cell phone via satellite and only in the middle of the night. They tried last night, but could not get through. When they purchase time on a borrowed phone, all the text messages come through which takes up most of the time purchased.

The work project is going well. They made blocks last week and have been busy digging the footers. They hope to start laying block by Thursday. The building is small – 28′ X 16′.

The girls are being housed in tents inside a church building and the boys are in hammocks in a bamboo “hut” with a grass roof. With the exception of a few minor stomach issues last night, the team has been healthy.

Because of the small work site, five team members are rotating and working with the children in the afternoons—teaching them Bible stories and playing with them. In their free time, they have also have the opportunities to play basketball and volleyball with the teachers in the school.

They have done evangelistic programs in the school and also did a program at the church on Sunday. Because of the size of the team, the benches of the church were moved to the main street (dirt road) and they did their presentation there.

They are living and working on the same island. They are surrounded by water, but can see the mountains on the mainland about a half mile away. The island takes about five minutes to walk across.

On Saturday, they went to a nearby island for swimming which they thoroughly enjoyed.

The food is good and they all have hearty appetites.

They will try to get a more detailed report to us if/when the pastor goes to the mainland.



  1. Thanks for the updates! Every scrap of information is so awesome. Now I know how my parents felt when I went on a Teen Missions trip in 1981! STRESSSSSS!!!!! Hang in there fellow parents!

  2. This is such an awesome report. Oh how I wish we could just download our kids’ memories when they get home. I love that my son gets to experience something so foreign to me. Thanks TMI!!!

    There is a parent page on Facebook for Panama. It’s called “Panama Parent Team ~ TMI 2014”. Come find us. 🙂


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