Report From The Holy Land Leaders

Israel 2014Israel 2014We have not seen or heard of any trouble in the area.  No one leaves the school without a leade …not even to cross the street for a coke. The area we are in is quiet.




  1. Nelson & Gina Salazar

    Just want to let the everyone know they can go to the website for Hope Secondary School in Beit Jala and see photos that have been posted there… under school community, then photo gallery! There are quite a few pics… you can see your team member at work and leave comments too… Are we BLESSED or what? I thank you all for sending your precious sons and daughters on this matchless mission trip… may they grow in spirit during this lifetime opportunity that has been afforded them. Wish we could communicate with one another… We live in Melbourne, FL only 40 miles from Teen Mission Int’l. Bless all you who gave to send these teens to The Holy Land to serve our HOLY GOD!

  2. Thanks so much for the good word. We are all praying for the team and look forward to your updates.

  3. Lorna Mjolsness

    Blessing to Holy Land Team. Thinking of you all. Not sure if messages get to the kids but if so please tell Lexie we miss her but are happy for her to be where she is. She is under the protection (as well as the rest) of the Lord. Your life will be changed because of this trip and the lives of those around you
    Love you Lexie
    Grandma , grandpa & Emma

  4. I look forward to your updates from the school and team. I was blessed to be on the team in ’81. I hope you’ll be able to share more pictures. They bring back cherished memories and I enjoy seeing all the work that has been done over the past 33 years. I know God is with us everywhere, but there is something special about being there in the Holy Land and you will treasure it forever!

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