Uganda Orphan Soccer — Teen Trip

Second  Boot Camp — June 27—August 13Uganda

Journey to the Pearl of Africa, beautiful Uganda and spend your summer sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with orphans and youth living in extreme poverty. After Boot Camp training, you will bus to Orlando International Airport for a flight to Entebbe, Uganda via Washington D.C. and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. From the airport, a two hour truck ride will take you to the Teen Missions in Uganda base, located outside of Jinja. You will have evangelism opportunities as you visit nearby soccer fields and local schools while joining the Ugandan kids in soccer matches. You will also be a blessing to the Bible, Missionary & Work Training Center students as you help continue construction on their dining hall. Housing will vary depending on location. Bathing and laundry will be done using buckets. Enjoy a sunset cruise on Lake Victoria and the Nile River where you will likely see a variety of birds, as well as monkeys. You will also have the opportunity to try your hand at bartering for items such as wood or soapstone carvings, beadwork and drums as souvenirs of your summer.  

Project Expense: $4790 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


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  1. Hi Beth, I’ve heard it said that parents who are unable to attend Commissioning can send a small care package for their team member if the package is marked for Commissioning. I would love to send one for our daughter! Is this true?

  2. Savannah Roberts

    If people want to write to us while we are in Africa whats an address they can send it to. And at Boot Camp can people send letters to the address of the boot camp?

  3. Is there any way I could raise money for this trip, like with sponsors? What all does the $4790 cover? What all would I need to pay for separate from that?

    • Cameryn, We provide prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support. You would have to pay for your passport, spending money, visas, spending money and departure taxes separate. Also, you would need to provide round trip transportation from your home to/from Florida.

      • How would I obtain a prayer card and letter? What is spending money exactly? What exactly does the $4790 cover? Does that include all meals and transportation to Uganda?

        • Cameryn, You have to register to get the prayer cards and letters. Spending money is what you spend on souvenirs, etc. It does include food and transportation to/from Uganda unless you choose to eat out and then that would come out of your spending money.

          • Thank you so much for the help! If I have anymore questions I will let you know! Thanks again!

  4. Savannah Roberts

    Hey I was looking at pictures from the previse Uganda soccer team and I saw some Teen Missions kinds wearing soccer shoes. I’ve been on a Teen missions team before and we weren’t allowed to bring any other shoes but boots. So can we bring cleats or tennis shoes on this trip?

    • Savannah, Let me check!

      • john middelkoop

        Did you get any info regarding the footwear?

        • John, Yes, you may bring soccer cleats to only be worn during soccer games.

          • Savannah Roberts

            Can they be tennis shoes or just cleats?

          • Savannah, Only cleats.

          • Kim Sharpsteen

            Beth… the detailed information packet we received said they could bring tennis shoes. It doesn’t say anything about cleats. My daughter has cleats, so we’re fine, but there are some other team members that may be impacted by this.

          • Kim, Tennis shoes would be better. I forgot about the cleats killing the kids feet!

          • In the information book we received for Uganda, it says tennis shoes, not cleats. The kids are wondering which information they should follow. We assumed that the purpose was to not step on the children’s feet with boots on, so cleats would hurt as well.

          • Shannon, Let me check on Monday. I think we did have them do tennis shoes last year!

  5. Is there any cost to this trip that I’d be having to pay for? And I am Canadian am I still allowed to go on this trip?

    • Riley, Yes, you may attend as a Canadian. I am not sure what you are asking as far as costs. The cost listed is what the team costs and you can raise your support or pay it yourself. The costs not included are passport and visa costs, round trip transportation to/from Florida, spending money, departure taxes (if any), deposits (tent and literature), immunizations/medications, etc.

  6. There is a Facebook page for teens, leaders, or parents of the Uganda team. There are some families and teens getting to know each other so feel free to search for the Teen Missions Uganda Orphan Soccer team if you’d like to get acquainted :).

  7. I was wondering if there was a way to get more information on the Uganda Soccer trip?


  8. My daughter is signed up for the Uganda team. Some of the paper work states that she will fly back on August 13th, and that the kids will have some time at the beach upon their return. We are driving a distance to come get her. What day should we plan to pick her up? I’m assuming there will be a location in Merritt Island that we met her? Thank you.

    • Kim, You can pick her up at the Boot Camp/Debrief site on August 13 between 6 AM and 9 AM. They fly in from Uganda before Debrief in Florida.

  9. If my mother wanted to come as well, would that be permitted? Also, I sponsor a child in Uganda through Compassion, and if she doesn’t live too far away, would we be able to arrange a meeting? Just curious 🙂 I would really love to be able to do this.

    • Katya, Yes, your mother could come as a leader. She can call the office and ask for Leader Placement (321-453-0350). If the child can come to where you are and if it will fit into the schedule, then it shouldn’t be a problem as long as it is coordinated through the leaders.

  10. Hi,
    I was wondering if the money that I need to raise includes the air fare, or is that separate? If so, do you know approximately how much that would be? Also, I am 15 – Is that old enough to participate?

    • Ann, Your round-trip airfare (if flying) to/from Florida is NOT included. It does include all of your transportation costs to/from project country and within country. You must be at least 13 to go on this trip.

  11. Not to bash any god that people believe in, but of there really was a god, why wouldn’t he be helping them himself? I love volunteering but you’d think that “God’s will” would help these poor dying kids.

    • Hana, He does help through the hands of those that serve Him. It not only helps those we serve, but it helps us in so many ways.

  12. Do trips like this one usually fill up?
    Is there any rush to register for a trip?

  13. Hi,
    I was wondering what the living conditions will be on this trip, (shower or bucket, dorms or tent)

  14. My 13 year old son would like to go on the Uganda Soccer Missions Trip. Is it possible to get more information.

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