Australia Team Update

Our second week in Australia has been a blast! The team has really enjoyed getting to know the Bible school students here during work and IMG_0944Australia 2014meal time. The weather is still quite chilly but it’s perfect for working outside.

Tomorrow we hope to go out to do some street evangelism where the team’s singing, acting and public speaking skills will be put to the test. Pray that the Lord will use these amazing kids to reach the people in this area with the Good News of Jesus Christ and change lives for the better.

“We are about a week into our trip and I love it here! Aside from the cold nights, this is amazing! The team is as unified as can be, we all work cohesively together. God has brought the best combination of people He possibly could have together. We have become a family.” -Alexandra Swab

“Our first week in Australia was cold but really fun. We have gained a lot of unity over the past few days. We learn about each others weaknesses and we try to make those weaknesses strengths. It has been very cold here at night and we’ve made the best of it by having camp fires.” – Joshua Freeman



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  1. I went on the very first team to Australia in 1988. I loved it over there. We made us a shower that we could use. We put up a shower curtain and then we use a copper pipe and put it to a water hose and had the water hose over the shower curtain. What got the water all nice and warm was when we put the copper pipe on, we laid it on top of a fire and it warmed up the water so that we could have a nice warm shower. Have fun while over there. If you are on TMI property, Tell Mike Riley that I said hello and that I am praying for him.

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