Blessings From The DR Team!

We have had much progress in our team over the past few days.  Spiritually, we are getting closer to The Lord every day.  Two of our team 19 Dominicanmembers have accepted God’s gift of salvation!  With each day that passes, there are more and more people who are truly diving into their devotions.
We have won the OC once so far.  Every time we run the OC, it has such a great impact on us.  Many of our faster team mates are hanging back to encourage our more “moderate-paced” ones.
Monday night, we won the Godliness Award and the Brainstorming Award.  Because of our wins, on Tuesday we were able to swim in the pool during our Free Time!  After bathing in buckets for two weeks, a clean, chlorine bath was a great encouragement to us!
Our new leader, Emanuel, joined our team this past Monday.  His wife, Jamie, will join us Thursday after she finishes up at her job.  They are both such a welcome addition to our team.  Our new team count is as follows: 23 team members, five leaders, and three staff kiddos.  What a big family!
By and far, the team’s favorite classes are Blocklaying and Drama.  We have Blocklaying every day.  Our instructor’s name is Curt Bitterman, but we have taken to calling him “Uncle Curt”.  (Uncle Curt and Mike ran the OC with us the day we won!).  In Drama class, we all love the instructor too, and that is a pretty good thing because we are taking her with us to the DR!  Michelle is so full of energy, even with her being 3 1/2 months pregnant!
On Sunday, we switched tent partners.  So far, every one seems to be enjoying their new tentmates.
Overall, we are very excited to finish BC and get to the DR.  We commission Saturday night.  On Sunday we will help take down BC.  Then, after dinner, we are off to the airport to eat Food Court goodies and make phone calls home before catching our plane early Monday morning.
Thank you to all of you who are praying and love to all of those who are missing the DR team!
Dylan Burns – “We have won the pool.  It was a lot of fun and our whole team got to swim.  I am sorry that I didn’t write at BC.  I have like five SB’s, so I haven’t had time to write to you mom.  I will write in the DR.  It has been very fun overall.  I am glad that I came this summer.  I have very cool and fun leaders and an energetic team.  I hope the DR is as fun as BC has been.”
Chris Frahm – “This camp is difficult but fun.  I get bit a lot from the mosquitoes.  The OC is easy except for the mountain of tires.  Overall, the Lord is showing me the way through my trials and making me want to make a better future for myself.”
Trace Duckworth – BC is difficult for some people and for some, not.  It is going alright.  Everything is great except for the mosquitoes.  But only three more days!   Just can’t wait to get out of here and into the DR.  The food is actually pretty good.  Juice is my favorite part…haha!!!”
Tristen Kincaid – “BC is a lot of fun.  The people here are really nice and fun-loving.  The last day of the OC was fun too.  Our team is learning how to live and work well together.  Can’t wait to get to the field and share the Gospel.”
Brianna Walsh – “Last day of running the OC was today!  BC is coming to a close.  It’s been really fun but also a lot of hard work.  I can’t wait to go to the DR.  I miss you family!”
Olivia Pape – “Although BC has been hard, there have been some upsides to it too.  There have been many fun classes and I learn something new every day.  Today was the last day of running the OC and everyone is relieved.  So far, getting to know everyone has been a good experience.  I miss you family.”


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