Cameroon Is Finishing Strong

Today is the last day of training! All of the team member are surprised at how fast these past two weeks have gone. They are all reminding 18 Camerooneach other to appreciate every moment they have together this summer! Yesterday the team joyfully worked during their free time. Their job was to help put up the roof for a new covered sidewalk in the front of Boot Camp. Janelle and Natalie excelled at drilling the trusses into the top foundation. They were smiling the whole hour as they stayed at the top of the ladder. Barbara worked with our head leader, Mr. Maher, in laying the top foundation for the roof. The rest of the team worked in the garden. Gabe stood out as the hardest working digger. He even wanted to volunteer during his free time today to continue the job. Levi, Emily and Nik also worked effectively and joyfully at their job. Even when it started to rain they wanted to stay working through the whole hour! We are blessed with such hard workers. Yesterday we also had “prayer closet”. Here at Boot Camp every team has its own schedule to send representatives to pray in a tower for an hour. Every team member always volunteers so picking the representatives is always a hard task. Emily, Rachel and Hannah Monroe were chosen. Our classes have been going smoothly. The team was happy to know we would be sent with all of the drama props to Cameroon. They are excited to evangelize in this specific way. In puppet class the team continues to learn new songs and dances. The teachers said that our team were the fastest learners of the material. Praise the Lord! Justine, Jessica and Hannah Freeman are consistently enthusiastic dancers.
     Every afternoon for two hours the team has an “advanced evangelism” class. The team members are loving learning how to share the gospel to whoever they come across. As difficult as it is the team members have great attitudes and participate at every chance they have!
     Today was also the last day of the Obstacle Course. The team got more than half of our team members over the Wall! Jake, Katy and Nik did an awsome job at lifting the team members over. Maddy Frye also made it over the Slough! The team members are sad to not be able to run the Obstacle Course anymore. This morning during free time Kameron shared some encouraging Scriptures that she had read in devotions which reminded the team of the overall goal and purpose for the summer.
     We thank the Lord every day for our unified team. We continue to grow and develop our relationships with the Lord alongside one another. The team members’ willing and open hearts for the Lord has made the past two weeks a gift and privilege. Please continue to pray for us as we will be traveling to Cameroon within the next few days! We also appreciate all of the emails and mails that you have been sending. It keeps us reminded of all of the love back home.
Hannah Monroe-“Boot Camp has been great the second time around. No more falling in the Slough! Drama’s been amazingly fun when you get into it and don’t care how crazy you look.”
Emily Bowen-“Teen Missions has challenged me and changed my perspective on life. Being totally immersed in Christ for two weeks has made me stronger in my faith, and I can honestly say that I love God more. Even though this has been difficult, it has made me appreciate the comforts I am so blessed with at home. I understand the hardships that people all over the world face more clearly now. Even at Boot Camp we always have enough to eat, medical care and people that care for us. Unfortunately there are many places where people do not have any of those things. My heart for those people have grown tremendously and so has my heart for missions.”
Jake Chapman-“Boot Camp has been awesome this year! I am so blessed to have this team. Everyone is great. I can’t wait to go to Cameroon—three more days!!!!!!!!!!!! God has so much in store for us this year, and I can’t wait to see what He has planned for us all. Love you Mom, Dad and Sierra!”
Hannah Freeman-“When I got to the Lord’s Boot Camp I felt like I was at the bottom of the totem pole. I though people were stronger, faster, and better than I was. The next day I realized that there was not a bottom or top. My whole team is on the same level with the same goal and purpose. God created all of us with different strengths and weaknesses that are all being use to make our team balanced and unified. Hooray!”
Rachel Cox-“During my time at Boot Camp I have learned to endure through many challenges with God’s help. The Obstacle Course was definitely a challenge for me when I first got here. In 2 Timothy 2:3 states “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” This is what I have learned during Boot Camp. I have also learned to grow closer in the Lord.”



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  1. Will be praying and keeping up with all your progress.

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