Guatemala Orphanage — Teen Trip

Second  Boot Camp — June 27—August 13Guatemala

Imagine not knowing where you will sleep tonight, or when your next meal will be. Thousands of orphans experience this each and every day in Guatemala. After your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Guatemala City, Guatemala via Miami International Airport. Your project is to continue construction on a dormitory for an orphanage, enabling them to accommodate more children. Many of the orphans that will benefit from your labors are currently living on the streets due to poverty and abandonment. Not only will you be constructing a building, you will also have the opportunity to tutor school lessons, teach phonics and crafts, as well as play games with the children already living at the orphanage. Show the love of Jesus to those who don’t receive much love anywhere else. Housing will be in dorms; showers are available. Laundry will be done using buckets. You will enjoy shopping in the local markets in Guatemala City, as well as the Mercado Central, or Central Market, and Mercado de Artesanías which have a wide range of arts, crafts, textiles and souvenirs.  

Project Expense: $3090 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. Juanita Roberts

    What is the name of the orphanage the Teens go to?

  2. When can I sign up for the trips for next year?

  3. A couple questions…
    – Where can I send the picture of my passport page? Preferably email but instructions for mailing are fine too.
    – I am supposed to bring “a ball of string” with me to BC. What type of string is needed?

    • Christiana, You can just email it to . It is string that will be used as a sort of “level” when laying out a building. If it is easier, just get a gift card from Lowes or Home Depot. That would be easier to pack :)!

  4. Is it too late to register my 16yr old son for the 2nd Bootcamp to Guatamala?

    • Amy, Guatemala is full, but we do have some teams still available. Please call our office tomorrow (321-453-0350).

  5. I was wondering how long the teens would be gone collectively? Are those dates JUST boot camp or boot camp and the actual trip?

  6. Hi, I was wondering for next summer could I still go on one of these trips if it would be the summer after I graduate high school?

  7. Are there any openings for one teen boy?

  8. Barbara Labrecque

    Any possibilities of spots for girls opening up?

  9. I was wondering if there are any spots available still?

  10. Hello! I was looking for a mission trip and I saw this one and it looks just perfect! I was wandering how many spots are left on the team and when is the deadline is for regostration?

    • Kacie, Right now, we have three spots left for girls. The deadline is before Boot Camp. However, if you wait, you are limiting your choices. If you are interested in Guatemala, you should probably sign up this week.

  11. Where can I find the team number?

  12. Can a teen go on the second bootcamp if they haven’t gone on a first one? How many weeks are they actually in Guatemala? How good a command of Spanish do they need to have?

    • Judy, The two Boot Camps are separate. You go to either Boot Camp, not to both. They are usually in the country approximately four weeks (depending on travel). You do not need to know Spanish to go.

  13. Does the cost listed above have the airfare included in it?

  14. I was wondering when will the packets be sent in?

    • Logan, Please give the office a call (321-453-0350). If your registration is complete (fee and picture), then the packets are mailed the same day or the next.

  15. Sorry – I meant is Guatemala first or second Bootcamp. The dates say second BC but you said it was first. Is this team second BC?

  16. I received an email telling me that certain countries that we will go to will require a visa, is Guatemala one of them?

  17. when do we have to pay?

  18. when do we have to pay.

  19. Where does the boot camp/ training take place and where can I find more in depth information on this project?

    • Chelsey, Boot Camp is in Merritt Island, FL. We have a description of the project on our website. More detailed information is sent out in the spring to those who are registered for the team. If you have specific questions, you can email our office at [email protected]

  20. Donna and Brenda Breitz

    Please tell us how long the Boot Camp is and how long the Mission part of the trip will be. We are praying for God’s Will and thank you for helping us.

    Donna (age 16 years) and Brenda Breitz

  21. I was wondering what are the sleeping and bathing accommodations on this mission.

  22. What are the sleeping and shower arrangemebts for this mission trip?

  23. What are the sleeping and bathing conditions for this mission trip?

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