Haiti — Teen Trip

Second  Boot Camp — June 27—August 1306 Haiti

Help Haitians overcome a life of poverty and illiteracy this summer by renovating a school in Deyemon, Haiti. After Boot Camp training, you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Miami International Airport, then across the Straits of Florida, Cuba and the Caribbean Sea to Panama City, Panama and on to Port au Prince, the capital of Haiti. You will enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery as you journey eight hours by bus to Deyemon, traveling toward the mountains on the newly paved highway of Haiti. Your team will be working with Mission Possible making school benches, painting walls, window repair and other needed projects at this established school in the mountainous area of Deyemon. Housing will be in a building; bathing and laundry will be done using buckets. A day will be spent enjoying the beautiful waters of the Caribbean Sea. Shopping for souvenirs such as paintings, wood carvings, vanilla and jewelry will help you remember your incredible summer in Haiti!  

Project Expense: $3190 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


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  1. Are there any updates on this trip because my best friend is on it and I haven’t heard from her at all????

  2. Hello! Next year my friend and I are interested in visiting Africa on a missions trip. However it is a lot of money. Is there a way people raise money, or fundraisers, or is it you pay/raise yourself however you want? Also, I am kind of confused on the cost. I understand that it is $3190+$30. But is that all the money, because reading through other comments it sounds as though it is not. My last question is, how early do we need to have registered by and paid by?

    • Allison, Most of this is explained on our website. We supply prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support. We also give you ideas for fund raisers. The costs includes your round-trip transportation to/from FL to your project country, food, ground transportation, etc. It does not include your round trip transportation to/from your home, passport and visa costs, departure taxes, etc. The earlier you register the better. We set “goals”, but it is all due by the day you arrive at Boot Camp.

  3. Hello! Are there any spots left? Up until what point is it possible to register?

    • Jessica, There is a possibility of getting you on. However, the cost will be about $500 more and it must be paid upon registration (total project expense). If you are serious and can pay the costs upfront, please email us at [email protected].

  4. Soo the $3190 is what you have to pay per person? I’m not really sure how this works..

    • Breanna, Yes, but that does not include the costs for your passport, spending money, round-trip transportation to/from home/FL and there was an $85 fuel surcharge added this month.

  5. Rachelle Leamy

    I misplaced the travel home postcard. Can I just write the information on a piece of paper to send in when I mail my transportation to boot camp card?

  6. so its $3190 for this mission plus the $30 fee? correct

  7. Hi! My daughter has just decided she is interested in going on a mission trip. Is it to late for her to join if there is a spot open?

  8. hi do we need to get mosquito nets for our tents in Haiti. cant believe its coming up so fast. thank you, Naomi

  9. Barbara Labrecque

    Any possibility of a spot opening up for a girl?

  10. hi Beth. I am getting all my vaccinations soon and i’m wondering if I need to get cholera or rabies for going to Haiti.

    Thanks, Naomi

  11. If I register, will I be put on a waiting list in case a spot opens up for girls?

    • Katherine, If you request to be put on a waiting list on the application under the “comment” section”.

  12. Hi, are there any spots still open for girls

  13. Hi beth, I already have the visa for United States, this trip needs the visa for Haiti too? if yes what I can do now for this trip happen?

    • Luisa, Americans do not need a visa for Haiti. You will need to check to see if Brazilians need a visa for Haiti and secure that before you arrive. Make sure your visa for the US is multiple entry.

  14. Hello, I wanted to see if this trip was still available and is there a payment plan?

  15. Alyssa Kolbfleisch

    Is this part of Haiti safe to work in? And will there be a girl instructor on this trip

    • Alyssa, At this time, this place is safe. However, we do monitor the situations in all countries. Yes, there will be lady leaders.

  16. I am thinking on joining a team and I feel this is the right one for me is it to late to sign up if it is then it can wait till next year

  17. Is there many on this teem yet? I have signed up but am just curious to see if there are many people wanting to go. Also I am doing a presentation tonight at G.B. at my church and I am soooo nervous. Please pray that tonight goes well for me. Also Noel says hello. Naomi from Northeaarn Ireland

  18. I will be 16 in December and I would love to go on a mission trip. I feel like God is calling me to be a missionary when I get older but I am in the marching band at my school so I don’t know which one I would be able to do. It would either have to be one week or two weeks. I want to work with children and orphans. I am the preschool teacher at my church. How long are the mission trips usually? Can you suggest a website or a place where I can go to get information about short term mission trip? How long is this mission trip?

  19. What does the estimated project expense cover?

    • Emma, It covers your round-trip transportation to/from Florida to your project country, air tax, food 9while at Boot Camp, on your project and at Debrief – does not cover meals if you choose to eat out), transportation in your project country, etc. It does NOT cover your transportation to/from Florida, passport and visa costs, departure taxes, personal spending money, etc.

  20. This page says that we will be attending second boot camp, but the schedule says that we are first boot camp. Which one is correct?

  21. HI, im wondering when is bootcamp and when is the actual dates to leave for this trip?

    Thank you,

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