Holy Land School — Teen Trip

Second  Boot Camp — June 27—August 13Israel

Follow in the footsteps of Jesus this summer on your mission trip to the Holy Land! After training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to New York. Your connecting flight crosses the Atlantic Ocean, the Swiss Alps and the Mediterranean Sea before arriving in Tel Aviv, Israel. From the airport, you will bus to Hope Secondary School in Beit Jala, which is located within walking distance from Bethlehem. Imagine looking down at the valley where David fought Goliath as you have your morning devotions. Your projects are constructing a greenhouse to provide vegetables for the school to help generate an income, painting classrooms and landscaping. Housing will be in dorms; showers are available. Laundry will be done using buckets. On a visit to Jerusalem, you may attend services at Christ Church, the oldest Protestant church in Jerusalem, or follow Jesus’ footsteps on the Via Dolorosa in the Old City. Other historical sites you may see include the Garden of Gethsemane, the Garden Tomb, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Eastern Gate where Jesus is to return. Souvenirs including olive wood carvings, Arab clothing and delicate Hebron glassware may be just a few of the items you will want to bring home to remember your time in the Holy Land.


Project Expense: $4490 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. Tristan Thoman

    I’ve looked through but couldn’t find a cost, how much does it cost to go to Florida for training and then to Israel? Cost is really the only obstacle I’m facing, and how would it be easier to raise money to pay for the trips?

  2. I am so excited to go on the team this summer I know the leaders of the team and was wondering who the assistant leader is

  3. Are there any spots left for this trip?

    • Demara, You can still register, but make sure you put down four choices. Right now it is full, but there may be kids on the team that are planning on switching or canceling. We will call those who have not sent in any money once we receive your registration.

  4. Beth hi hope you and Paul are well…my daughter and her friend are
    really excited about the.Holy land team….are there spots open
    two girls?

    • Daniel, That is hard to say. On paper it is full, but not everyone is probably going to go there. Have them register and make sure they put down four different choices and we will do our best to get them on one of their choices.

  5. Hello, just curious as to how many people you think will go on this trip/what the maximum amount you will take is and how many are signed up? How intensive is the boot camp training within the first few days? I’m from Alaska and will still be adjusting heavily to the time and climate change after traveling to Florida.

    • John, A list of who is registered will come out in the Individual Team Fact Sheet which we will mail next month. Boot Camp is intensive, but you will be fine. We have had many from Alaska successfully complete Boot Camp.

  6. Is Holy Land School still open?

  7. hi, I was wondering 2 things, 1. if there where any spots left for girls on the Israel trip, and 2 if people from Canada can apply to go as well

  8. Would I be staying at a camp during training? Do you offer financial aid?

    • Mary, Please read our descriptions on our website. It will tell you about Boot Camp training, project time, etc. I am sorry, but we do not offer financial aid, but we do offer you prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support.

  9. Hi, I was wondering, is what’s happening in Jerusalem right now going to affect this trip in any way?

  10. Is there still room on this trip for girls?

  11. Hello, i was wondering till when are we able to apply for any mission trip?
    I was thinking to go to a cheaper mission trip before but if I am able to save some money I could try to go to one more expensive.

    • Nubia, You can apply now (we already have over 100 registrations). Just go to our website and register (www.teenmissions.org).

  12. Will there be any evangelism/drama involved in this trip?

  13. Since this team finishes so much earlier than all the other second boot camp teams, is there no debrief?

  14. Hello, I noticed the dates for this trip are not very specific… It says “second boot camp, June 27-August 13th. Is the boot camp included in those date brackets? Where in the brackets? For how long? Just wondering exactly how much time is spent in florida total and how much is spent in Israel total.

    • Phil, The dates are all inclusive (include Boot Camp, project time and Debrief). The teams are usually in Florida just over two weeks (depends on travel) and Debrief is four days. The rest of the time is spent in travel and on the project site.

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