Honduras Has Learned A Lot At Boot Camp!

Boot Camp has just flown by! We are finishing up our classes and squeezing in as much learning as possible. All of the speakers have 20 Hondurasshared very relevant messages, and the teens are learning a lot! The Honduras team is especially loving Drama Class. They have learned two dramas so far; one telling the story of the gospel called Colors ​and another that speaks to the words of freedom in the Bible called The Cage. In Evangelism Class the teens have been taught different ways to share their faith as well as answering people’s challenges to the gospel. After listening, they are given the opportunity to practice what they have heard through one-on-one discussions. This practice is giving them the confidence they need to share their faith with those around them.  In addition to our scheduled classes, the team has served a number of Special Blessings (extra work instead of free-time) and through them have learned many valuable work skills.​
The Honduras team has continuing goals of unity, patience, and love. We want to learn has much as we can in these last few days of Boot Camp to serve the Lord to the best of our ability in Honduras as well as when we return home.
We as leaders have seen so much growth in the team members as individuals. They are rising to the challenges that Boot Camp has thrown at them. They are maturing in personality and spirituality. Many are eager to volunteer for jobs and love to help each other with tasks. Thank you for sharing your teens with us!
Only a few days left until bootcamp is finally over! God is doing a great work in our team, uniting us together. Every day we have been growing in areas physically, mentally, and especially spirirtually. Only God has been the one who has been doing everything in and through our team. Please continue pray for team unity, health, safety, and focus for our eyes to be on Jesus. Thank you   – Karissa Wight
One of the main things I’ve learned during Boot Camp is that you can’t do everything alone. Throughout the Obstacle Course we faced obstacles that can’t be conquered without the help of our teammates.  The same thing often happens in life; we’re running this race and we come across challenges in our walk with faith, and more often than not we need the help of our brothers and sisters in Christ to get through it.    – Sarah Payne
I am in my first year at TMI. This Boot Camp has had some ups and downs, some bigger than others, but overall it’s fairly decent. It’s not super hard here. It’s difficult but I’ll manage. I can’t wait to get to Honduras! My leaders are funny and nce. They help me a lot. The Obstacle Course is fun. After the O.C. is fun. After it I’m all sweaty and dirty, but it feels good to say I just ran it again!   – Logan Glazner
This is my fourth year as a team member with TMI. If there has been one ting I learned on my past trips is that while Boot Camp is hard, long and sometimes boring, it is a very important part of the trip becuase it helps the team to grow closer in friendship and trust. Now that Boot Camp is almost done, the Honduras team is a closer group of friends then it was at the beginning. I can’t wait to see how we continue to grow overseas. Love the food!   – Matthew Elliott
When I was little I went to church but I never understood what being saved meant. When I was in seventh grade I asked God into my life. After that I struggled with some things, and my faith was like a roller coaster. When I got to Boot Camp I had a heavy burden on me. Last week the Lord lifted it up and now my heart is turned to Jesus and I am set on serving the Lord.   – Jasmine Dark



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