The Italy/Greece Team Is Ready To Go

As we approach the end of Boot Camp, many of us are exhausted but we are constantly reminded of God’s love and grace for us. “We can 21 Italydo all things through Christ who strengthens us.” Philippians 4:13.  The team is extremely excited to be finishing Boot Camp and to be heading out into the field this weekend!  Today (Thursday, July 3rd) marks the last day of classes.  They have excelled so much in every class, they’ve also put together a music presentation, picking the songs themselves and learning how to make a beautiful praise unto the Lord.  They have also learned quite a few songs in Italian so that they have even more opportunity to evangelize whilst in Italy.  It has been truly a blessing to see them come together and form the team that they now are.
They have all enjoyed Advanced EV class.  They are learning how to defend their faith against the hard questions.  There have been many discussions about topics such as evolution, why God would allow sin and suffering in the world, how we can know the Bible is actually the Word of God, and many other questions.  They are learning how to begin talking with people in the airport and in the field.  Why a bunch of teenagers are wearing construction boots is always a good conversation starter.  It has been truly a wonderful class for everyone and is answering a lot of questions we have ourselves.
Friday begins the take down of Boot Camp and also Pack Out Day.  These are by far some of the most stressful days in all of Boot Camp, prayers would be most appreciated.  We cannot wait to see some of you parents, family members, and friends this Saturday on Commissioning night! It is going to be such a blessing to meet you either for the first time or once again.
“I didn’t like Boot Camp at first, but then I made a ton of new friends and it became easier.  They helped me have a more positive attitude.” – Carline Mikouchi
“Boot Camp has been tough. I’ll say that.  But all the friendships that I’ve built have made it one of the best summers of my life.  And the Obstacle Course was pretty sweet too!” – Shamira Carroll
“The training we receive at the Lord’s Boot Camp can be described in several ways.  On the one hand, it’s trying, scary, tough, tiresome, and in some cases, seemingly impossible.  On the other hand, though, Boot Camp is also calming, strengthening, a little socialization, and totally worth it.” – Melody Dole



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  1. Yay, Italy!!! It is awesome to hear how the team has come together. I’m praying for safety and that the Holy Spirit will work through each of you!

    Danielle’s Dad

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