Malawi #1 continues drilling

I think that all the southerners are really starting to wear off on us all. “Y’all” has really become a phrase that most of the team has caught 10 Malawionto, thanks to our head leaders, the Yoders. We have been in Malawi a full week now and our days are now very much routine. We wake up at 6 AM and are immediately off to the fresh-water bore hole for our morning water run. This is great for the team as it is chilly in the morning and gets their blood moving. This process takes about an hour, depending on if any of the locals have formed a line there or not. When the troops march back in at 7AM, breakfast is hot and ready for them. We then have our morning devotions for a half an hour and then our work day begins. In regards to drilling, we have hit sand today and have made very little progress. We are trying to analyze what is going on underground with our limited abilities, so we ask for family and friends to pray for the drilling process to proceed smoothly so that we find water.

Yesterday was our team’s first opportunity to play with the orphans and local children. Many villages have heard that we are here, so we had well over 50 children. Our team played “Chicken, Chicken, Goat,” volleyball, “Mingle,” soccer and were blessed to teach them how to play Frisbee for the first time in their lives. Our team was so thrilled.

We have all been eating like kings! Our menus have consisted of eggs and bacon breakfast bake with hash-browns, homemade onion and garlic biscuits, red pepper onion soup with potatoes, gourmet stir- fry with beans, cabbage and eggplant, wacky cake (chocolate) with the BEST chocolate frosting known to man. We even had pizza for our Canadian friends (me) on Canada Day. We are currently about to do our evening team devotions and retire for the evening. Please enjoy your children’s testimonies and we will report back soon. Everyone wishes God’s love and peace to our family and friends back home. If you are sending letters, we are in a very remote area and it is hard to receive them, however, we just sent out our letters home today. We hope that they reach you soon. God bless you all!


I’m so excited to finally be in Malawi! At first, our team was awkward with the kids here but we’ve learned how to communicate even though we don’t know their language. In the morning, we’re busy taking trips to the local bore hole pump and drilling our well, but in the afternoons, you can always find a group of us singing and dancing with the kids. It’s awesome to watch them become more and more comfortable with us -Mady Gabriel

I am having an awesome time in Africa! I am learning how to carry water on my head. It is hard and I spill sometimes. It is very fun to play with the orphans and teach them new games and songs. I worked on the well as the driller yesterday. It was fun. I am also having a lot of fun getting to know my teammates. I also am learning the many uses of a “salu” (wrapper), such as carrying babies, pot holders, skirts, blankets, head softeners, etc. -Rebekah Powers

Malawi is beautiful! This is definitely my favorite place I’ve ever been. I’m learning lots of things, like how to carry a bucket of water on my head, and daily I’m seeing God work in and through both me and my team. I’m looking forward to finding out all the things he has for us and all the ways we can serve him this summer. -Lydia Borko

I never knew I could love a place so much until the day I set foot in Africa. Rumphi is the most beautiful place with the most beautiful people and I’m loving every minute of it! I’ve loved getting to drill the well-it’s fun once you get the hang of it and we’re slowly making progress. The orphans are the sweetest kids in the world. More and more come to the rescue unit each day and its been great getting to interact with them! God is here and working in Malawi and I’m excited to be a part of his work this summer. God is good! -Emily White

Malawi is fabulous! Well drilling has been a roller coaster, but God’s in control. And Mr. Beaver is by far the best male leader possible. God has been changing my life for the better as well as changing the heart of this team. I definitely wish that this summer would never end. The only thing that I miss is a toilet. (I’m still adjusting to the squatty). Thank you to my family and all the supporters who got me here. -Teagan Bowie

Malawi is beautiful! We have mountains surrounding us and amazing sunsets. The orphans are very smiley, and bring a smile to our faces. The well drilling went pretty well the first couple of days, but is has really slowed down the last couple of days. Everything is going pretty well and everyone is pretty healthy besides a few colds! -Gwendolyn





  1. Three days has passed since we have heard an update,but I am confident that God is at work in Malawi and everyone is doing their utmost to help resolve the drilling issue.I pray for the team to not be discouraged and wait upon the Lord for His direction.It is hard sometimes to be patient in any given situation,but when time is limited we can become even more impatient.Pray,Pray and then Pray some more.The power of Prayer is our greatest tool when we are waiting on the Lord for help.Raewyn we know you are being such a role model for your team and a comfort to those in need.May God keep you safe and healthy to do His work.Love you.See you in a few weeks.May God keep your spirits high and your worries low.

  2. Richard and Alice Hermann

    We are excited to hear about all that God is doing in Rumphi. Your schedule looks early – to bed and to rise! We will pray more specifically about the well drilling and ask others to join us. Nothing is wasted in God’s economy — even sand! Somehow He always makes a way and so we remain confident that our Great God will provide pure clean water for this people group. Glad to hear how is he working in your hearts individually and as a team. We miss you like crazy but realize that you will be home soon with many super stories and also photos! Love you dearly. God loves you more!

  3. Carolyn Ebersole

    It was so good to see your update and know that things are going well. We know God is at work and we pray every day for ya’ll. So glad the southern charm works all the way to Africa!! We miss ya’ll, but, we know that the weeks will pass quickly. Many blessings to each team member as you open yourself to God’s work in your heart.

  4. James and Julianne Powers

    So glad to hear from your team and happy to hear you are loving Malawi.

    We looked online to see what to do about hitting sand when you are drilling for water. The answer was to make your drilling mud thicker so that it can get through the sand. Plain water will not go through the sand. The thicker you make the mud the better it is for drilling. A thick mud casing around the well is better because the sand won’t go into your well. We hope this information helps your team to bring water to the people of Malawi.

    Rebekah, so proud of you learning to carry the bucket of water on your head. Also, glad you are learning new methods for carrying babies. That will come in handy at home. 🙂

  5. Enjoy the daily updates. Emily Ann see if you can get the recipe for that yummy chocolate icing that was mentioned.. OK?
    Read this daily and praying for you and the team.

  6. So neat, Spem! Missing you and praying for you. Cannot WAIT to see you and hear about it all. Hope you will get our letters soon:)

  7. Thank you for the update. It is encouraging to hear about the daily activities and schedule you are keeping. Wonderful to hear of the many children you are reaching. We are praying for all of you; miss you especially, Emily White!!

  8. I am so thankful to hear such a positive report and that the team is bonding with each otherr and the people of Malawi.We will be praying that all goes as planned with the drilling.No matter the outcome remember God is in control and He alone will carry this project through according to His purpose.I pray for safety and health and that each one of you grows closer each day to God and each other.Raewyn,we miss you but know this is where you should be.

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