Malawi Preteens

Boot Camp is winding down for the Malawi Preteens. We are in our last day of classes today. A few days ago on the big Obstacle Course 72 Malawi PT Nthey changed the order of the obstacles so that we went to the wall toward the beginning of the course—each one of our team member got over the wall—Preteens get a bit of help in that they get to stand on a desk to get them up a bit higher to start with and we have teenage former team members helping to lift our kids up the 12’ wall. If you haven’t ever gone over the Wall, you don’t realize what a rush it is to know that you’ve scaled it. The names on the Walls are things we all need to conquer—on the day everyone went over, the Wall was “Doubt.” This morning we did the World Map Obstacle Course, which is a test of our knowledge of geography. With Miss Paula helping us with the general location of countries, we hope we did well. Our last class this afternoon will be a tour of our life-size replica of the Old Testament Tabernacle.

On the tent site aspect, we did not do so well as we have the privilege of wearing the “I live like a pig” signs and cleaning the bathrooms today. We are planning ahead and trying to get things organized and cleaned up so when we start getting ready to leave (pack out) that it will go smoothly. We are also praying for dry weather so all our clothes will dry!
God is bringing our team together and we are excited to be finishing our training and get on our way to Malawi to plant trees!
And now a word from our team members:
About Boot Camp: I thing Christ has helped me. When I was in the airport, I didn’t know who was going to find me, but God sent a guy named Andrew. So God helped me out a lot and keeps on helping me here at Boot Camp.  Michael Robles
God has helped me through lots of things at Boot Camp. I am so thankful that God is on my side and that God put Jesus on the cross for me and everyone. My favorite verse is Philippians 4:13 and that says, “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who saves me.”  Spicer Wadman
This is my first time to TMI and I have had a blast. My favorite part of the Obstacle Course was the Slough (a rope swing over water). I have learned how to wash my clothes in a bucket—something I would never do at home!  Averi Fillmore



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