Mongolia’s Last Report From Boot Camp

The end of Boot Camp is in sight.  Our team has finished up their morning Bible classes and are coming up on the end of advanced 24 Mongoliaevangelism. This morning was our team’s last opportunity to run the OC, which many members were excited about.  The leaders had the opportunity to run with them & we were able to get six team members over the wall.  In their advanced EV classes they have been learning better how to minister one on one with the people they come in contact with when they are on the mission field. The team has been practicing conversations with other teams on situations where they might run into people who have “tried the God thing and it’s not for me” and learning how to explain salvation with people who are unclear about what exactly that means.

Every day after lunch our team brainstorms about different ideas to improve future summers. Yesterday’s topic was a “Mud Run.”  Our team came up with the idea of having a slip-n-slide that would run into the slough.  This was the winning idea, which was encouraging because the team was beginning to be discouraged because up to this point they hadn’t even received an honorable mention. As a result of winning, they got to go swimming in the pool during their free time today!

As we look ahead, the team plans on spending Friday & Saturday packing up the Boot Camp, their tent site and preparing to pack to leave.  After Saturday’s Commissioning the team plans on moving into a dorm room until we depart on Tuesday.  We are all excited about the project in both Mongolia & Korea and we ask that you join us in praying for safety as we travel, opportunities to share about the Gospel along the way and that we will all remain healthy along the way.
John Self: I had a hard time when I first got here.  I was pretty homesick and worried about what was going to happen about spiritual discipline (being my first time with Teen Missions).  As the days went by, I felt that God was being there for me.  Every day in my devotions, I feel God’s hand on me and also heard Him speaking to me through His Word.  Now I do not regret making the decision coming here.  It was so worth it!
Dan Zettelmoyer: Being at Boot Camp again is really exciting!  We’ll be leaving really soon for Korea/Mongolia.  Our team has come together extremely well and has excelled (we got the pool a lot!).  Keep praying for us that we can all humble ourselves to serve and put others above ourselves.  We only have to run the OC one more time, tomorrow!  We’re happy about that especially because the wall has been a problem for us, but God will see us through.  He is the one that we trust.
Aubrey Sweitzer: I came to Boot Camp at the age of 15 back in 2012 and at that time I had a hard time focusing on God at Boot Camp.  My mind during those first two weeks focused only on friends and the toughness of Boot Camp and often times I spend my Devos time writing letters.  This year, however, I’ve been forcing myself to focus on God.  My leader has given me Scripture to study and I’ve been using my time during Devos to apply what I’ve read to my life.
Joshua Burd: I did Teen Missions last year and I decided that I wanted to go on another mission trip.  So i signed up for Spain, Morocco and Gibraltar but came to find out it was canceled.  I still wanted to go on a team so I signed up for the one I’m on now, Mongolia and South Korea  English.  I was able to raise most of the money I needed to go and had the rest payed. I’m really looking forward to teaching English to Koreans.  I feel like God has called me to choose this team.  And I will serve Him with happiness and a smile!



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