The Philippines Is Excited To Put Their Skills To Use

We all are excited because we only have four more days until we fly out and start our new journey to the Philippines. The kids are excited to 26 Philippinesgo to a country that they have never been to and to serve God by helping the people who have been greatly effected by the typhoon that happened last year. It is great to hear the countdown at the Boot Camp rallies, but it is also hard to believe that we will all soon be done with our two weeks of training. It is also great to look back and to see how much all of the kids have bonded greatly with each other.
It has been raining a lot lately but it feels like Florida is crying because we are leaving soon. But the plus side to all of the rain is that the weather has cooled down and by the weather cooling down that means that we all do not have to be so hot, but no matter how the weather is we are still praising God. Another great thing about the rain is that it is amazing to see the rainbows after it rains and to remember God’s promise to all of us.
As a lot of you guys know yesterday was Canada day. William Nabholz, Ahrissa Mendenhall, Conner Henderson, Jeshua Moore, Dylan Nickolson, and Hannah Peters performed a drama called the Cage in front of the whole Boot Camp. It was such a wonderful sight to see them perform in front of the whole Boot Camp and they did a wonderful job.
It is truly amazing how well these kids are behaved and to see them wanting to serve God so much that they would go somewhere out of their comfort zone so they can be servants to God.
They all have learned so much in their classes and they are working very hard. It is a joy to see them in Music Class because they all enjoy it and they also love the songs that they have picked out to perform to people in the Philippines. They all have enjoyed each and every moment here at the Lord’s Boot Camp and they are looking forward to be heading out to the Philippines soon.
Please continue to pray for our team and also pray for all of those who are still hurting or greatly effected from the typhoon. Also continue to pray for our teams unity and that we can help others by showing them the love of God. Until next time, have a wonderful day and may God keep on blessing each and everyone’s lives.
The Boot Camp classes have been very interesting to participate in. During our training we have had so far, we have done drama, music, puppets, cement and block layiing. Some  have been more difficult than others but all have been fun. One of my favorite classes would be drama because we learn different skits that we as a team can perform. I am glad God has given me this opportunity to come and learn what He has in store for me to learn so that I might be able to use my new skills while overseas and maybe at home as well.  – Hannah Peters
Boot Camp is going good so far for me. People often complain about all kinds of stuff, but it’s actually pretty easy just kind of long. I’m glad that there are only two days left, and that today was our last day running the O.C. (Obstacle Course). I have fallen in the Slough twice. I kind of wish Boot Camp had more physical training but we did learn a lot about construction and what not. – Dakota Brown
Teen Missions has been helping me with my walk with God. It’s an eye opener to your faith, and how to turn from sin. The people here are amazing and the food is even good. It trains you very well for what you are going to experiance. I have made a lot of new friends, they are always nice and opened. If you need help with your walk with God and love helping people around the world then you need to come to Teen Missions.  – Bailey West
Boot Camp is tough I guess but it is also fun at the same time. The O.C. is my least favorite but although it is hard, we build team confidence. I know that when we get on the field it will be a lot different in the Philippines then it is here in Florida. Evangelism comes naturally  to me and I love to build things. I think that our team will have lots of fun in the Philippines. – David Baldwin


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  1. What a wonderful job they did on the play. So proud of the entire team and thank you parents for your support. It really is nice to have updates and support from other parents! Also I am pleased that I know other mom’s will be there to congratulate my Ahrissa in person!

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