A Report From Cambodia

Sorry for the very late report. We are an hour away from good internet service.  I attempted to go to the 02 Cambodiasmaller villages to obtain access, after many attempts the last several days  (with no luck), I had to come back into Kampong Chhnang, this is an hour away from the TMI BC base.  I was blessed to have one of the BMW interns (Sauron) bring me in town today.  I can now locate it on my own going forward. I will just have to make a special trip twice a week to get the reports to you.
We departed TMI on June 24th at 6 AM.  We caught our flight from Orlando at 10:30 to JFK.  We were schedule for a nine-hour layover that turned into a 15-hour lay over due to problems with our plane to Hong Kong.  We finally got on our plane at  4:30 AM on the 25th to Hong Kong.  We missed our connection to Phnom Penh.  We had to stay in Hong Kong on the 25th overnight for a new flight scheduled to leave Hong Kong the 26th at 2:30 PM.  Cathay Pacific put us up in a hotel for the night and provided four meals to the team. We left on time from Hong Kong through the airline Dragon Air, we had to be bused to the plane, very interesting.   We arrived at 4 PM on June 27th at Phnom Penh where we met Mathew Wylie to be bused to a Cambodia hotel due to the time and distance from Phnom Penh and the TMI Base.  PTL that he was there and ready to receive the team.  We transported the team with the TMI truck in two trips on on June 28th to the TMI base.  We were all there by June 28th, at noon.  PTL.  We started to set up of tents, kitchen and transferring all of the B bags to Matthew.  We were pretty set up by 5 PM.  
We attended church on the 29th. The team was transported by tut-tut to the church in two trips. It was a great time with many kids in the service. We all sat on the floor for the service and did two songs and one testimonies for the service.  The two pastors assisted in transporting the team back to the base, they had many questions about TMI and MSSM.  They were interested in our phonics program and MSSM.  I gave them TMI material for our Boot Camp and  a tour of our base.  One of them spoke great English.  After church, we had some major re-training on our TMI motorcycles. They are automatics and the shifting is entirely different then our Florida bikes.  We rode up and down a small road for three hours practicing.  I then took them on a major road for a short trip, they did great.  All are wearing helmets and jackets.  The new helmets are great, I love the face sheilds and full mask!!  It can be dusty on the roads.
The weather has been very hot with major storms in the afternoons.
We do have a local policemen that stops by the base every night at 5 PM to check up on us.  We give him something to eat and he and I practice our language skills together.  We had to provide copies of our passport and visa to him.  His wife is the director of education in the local school.  We said he would talk to her about our team and see if we can get into the school later this week.  We also plan to reach out to several new villages later this week.



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