South Africa Here We Come!

Our training is almost over!  As we approach the end of our time in Florida, the team continues to improve in their classes and in team unity.  28 South AfricaIn drama class this week, we have been working on a drama called Colors which uses different colored pieces of fabric to explain creation, the fall, and redemption through Christ in a way that transcends the language barrier.  Our drama teacher compliments the team often in how well they are doing with conveying the message of the dramas.  Hannah R. and Elizabeth especially enjoy doing the dramas.  In puppets class on Tuesday, we took a break from working on choreography to puppet songs to learn how to make balloon creatures.  We found out that Emily has some experience with balloons and she was able to help out her teammates.  As we continue to get to know each other, it’s been such a blessing to find out each others’ strengths and how they can be used throughout the summer.
Another thing that the team is learning is what life is like without many modern day conveniences.  On Tuesday, several team members were talking about how little they truly need to be content.  Madeline shared with the team that she “actually likes water now” and that Boot Camp makes you really appreciate what most people take for granted like running water, air conditioning, and electricity.  Also on Tuesday,  during free time, the team had the opportunity to swim in the lake and use the motorized carousel.  It was a nice break in the midst of all our classes and before Commissioning on Saturday!
We can’t believe how fast our time at Boot Camp has gone.  Friday and Saturday are our pack-out days and then we head for South Africa!  During the next few days, please pray for the team that we will get everything done that needs to happen, for safety as we travel, and most importantly, that we will see and take advantage of opportunities along the way to share the Gospel.
When I first got to Boot Camp I was struck by how hot it is and how many bugs there are in Florida.  This has been hard, but I’m learning that I don’t need all the comforts of home to be happy.  I’m learning that I don’t need air conditioning or a soft bed to be content.  I’m working on finding my joy in Jesus alone and not in food or cooler weather or anything I thought I couldn’t live without. I’m learning to trust God and put aside what’s not important. -Gracie F.
When I first came to Boot Camp, I thought, “Well, this isn’t too bad,” but it got really hard.  But after a few days, everything falls into place and it isn’t so bad.  The nightly rallies are fun and the classes are very informative. -Hannah R.
When I first came to Boot Camp this year I thought that it was going to be great but on the second day Jacob’s Ladder broke and I bruised my leg and was on crutches for a week.  I honestly think I grew closer to God because if I was home, I probably would have quit at everything, but God and my great team helped me get through. -Sammy J.



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  1. Way to go Anna. Your team has worked together and have grown closer and now you are ready to ship out. We are so proud of you!!!! Blessings to you.

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