Saint Lucia Church — Teen Trip

First Boot Camp  June 6—July 26 SaintLucia

Enjoy your summer on the Windward Island of St. Lucia building a church in Anse la Raye, a village located on the western side of the island. After Commissioning at The Lord’s Boot Camp, you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Charlotte, North Carolina, then across the Bahamas and Puerto Rico to the Hewanorra International Airport on the southern tip of Saint Lucia. From the airport, a two hour bus ride takes you along the Caribbean Sea to your project site. You will also have the opportunity to share the Gospel by putting the skills you learned at Boot Camp in music, puppets, drama and testimonies into practice with the children of the village. Housing will be in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using buckets. The majestic twin peaks “The Pitons” are a World Heritage Site where you will enjoy a day hike up Gros Piton mountain. A day will be spent swimming in the Caribbean Sea as well as shopping in Castries for souvenirs such as baskets, straw hats, wood carvings from driftwood, oil paintings and T-shirts to remember your time in St. Lucia.  

Project Expense: $3590 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


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  1. Lisa Polkinghorn

    James’s birthday is Saturday and I am mailing a birthday card to him today (Tuesday) from Texas. It should certainly arrive there no later than Friday. Will this be too late? The field instructions did state not to mail letters past the 15th (yesterday). Should I spend the extra and mail overnight? Thanks!

    • Lisa, It should arrive, but you know there are no guarantees. If it arrives after they leave, we will hold it until they get back for Debrief.

  2. James Polkinghorn

    I was sure that I had sent in all of my money but was told when I called about something else that I still was short. Will the monthly accounting report be sent out in the mail soon?

  3. Hey! So from everything that I’ve heard I feel like it is going to be pretty hot in Florida and Saint Lucia :), So if I just bring a pullover sweater I should be OK? A lot of people say that jeans are not enjoyable for BC, but do you think they would work fine while we’re on the field working?
    Thank You very much!
    In Christ,
    Marta Ray

    • Marta, A hoodie or a sweat shirt would be best for the airports and nights (if it cools off and it probably won’t…). I wouldn’t recommend jeans at all except for travel. Lightweight pants would be better.

  4. Hi,

    We are having a hard time finding boots – Can you please let me know if these boots will be fine? It does not look like they are the shiny leather so would that be a problem with the “polishing” for church?,default,pd.html

    Thanks – Kelly

    • Kelly, Those look fine. They can still be polished. I would suggest mink oil and not “polish” to clean them up.

  5. James Polkinghorn

    Is everyone on the team getting their funds together? I still have much more to make goal but I’m getting there.

  6. James Polkinghorn

    I am flying from Houston. Is anyone on my team or any other team (first boot camp) that will be flying from the same?

  7. Will a hospital or clinic be in close proximity to the work environment? Also will a itinerary be available to glance at, and are there any footwear restrictions?

    • Ambitur, Medical care is nearby. The itinerary is in the Individual Team Fact Sheet. You may only wear boots (as indicated in the General Fact Sheet) and water shoes when bathing or swimming.

  8. Good Evening,

    I wanted to see if there was room left for 16 yr old boy on the St. Lucia Church Mission Trip. Thank you – Kelly

  9. I am looking into sending my daughter to this and i am wondering if there would be any places in the town that she could have internet in order to skype us?

    • Lisa, The team members are not allowed to use internet while on a team. The leaders will be sending emailed reports twice weekly and those will be posted on our website.

  10. what is the cut off date to register for this trip?

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