Switzerland — Teen Trip

First Boot Camp  June 6—July 26Switzerland

Visit the land of delectable cheeses and chocolates as you minister in Einigen, Switzerland. Wake up to the beauty of God’s creation surrounded by the Swiss Alps and turquoise blue lakes. After your training at The Lord’s Boot Camp, you will fly from the Miami International Airport, across the Atlantic Ocean to Geneva, Switzerland via Lisbon, Portugal. You will bus for two hours through the Alps to the small village of Einigen, nestled against Lake Thun. Your project is to provide needed landscaping and repairs to the guest house and estate that is home to YWAM (Youth With A Mission). The puppet and drama skills you learned at Boot Camp will come in handy as you minister to those visiting the retreat center or living in nearby villages. Housing will be in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using buckets. You will enjoy the breathtaking views as you ride to the top of the Niederhorn in a gondola, where you can see some of the highest peaks in the Alps and, for an added thrill, ride a scooter down to the valley floor!


Project Expense: $4490 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


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  1. Hey just wondering If I can sign up soon ?

  2. Are there still openings for girls for this team?

  3. Is it possible for me, my brother, and 2 of my cousinsto be on he same team? Thanks

  4. Where will we be sleeping, and if me, my brother, and 2 cousins want to go, is it possible to be on the same team?

  5. hello, I was wondering how you can sign up for this, are there any prerequisits? and I am from Ontario, do you have to be from a specific place?

  6. Is there still room? Thanks!

  7. Elizabeth Roaseau

    I would like to know if you know what the housing will be in, or is it too early to be certain? Do you know if the bathing will be in buckets of not?

  8. Hi! I am interested in this trip. I have never done a mission trip with Teen Missions before. Is it too late to sign up?
    Thank you.

  9. I’m very interested in this trip. I just came off the Guatemala team this past summer. My parents are worried that I may not be able to raise the money this time. Is it generally harder to earn the money your second or third year?

    • Jordan, No, it is not necessarily harder. In fact, it is sometimes easier. Just make sure you have communicated your appreciation to those who have previously supported you. I would also suggest you send them a letter with pictures talking about your trip. If the Lord wants you to go there, He WILL supply your every need.

  10. How many teens are put to a team?

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