The Uganda Team Has Fallen In Love With The Children

We are settling into life here in Koboko nicely.  The team is working hard.  The biggest job is hauling dirt to fill in the courtyard at the base.  Uganda 2014We are putting dirt three feet deep to bring the courtyard level with the building.  We are also making progress with the wind turbine and have all the supplies to begin the bathrooms.
We won’t start soccer evangelism until next week.  The staff here are still trying to get the paperwork completed for approval for us to go to the schools.  Every evening about 20 or more children come to visit and we play games and soccer with them.  The children are beautiful.  The team especially loves to hold the babies.  On Saturday, we will have a special day for the orphans.  We will have games, a lesson, puppets, teach phonics and much more.  We are very excited to help with this.
The days are sunny and dry but the nights are cool.   We are all amazed at how many stars are in the sky.  They are so bright.
The team is healthy and getting along with each other so well!  We have really become one big family. Tomorrow we will celebrate Javin’s 14th birthday!  and then the 4th of July!
Continue to pray that we will stay healthy and strong.
From Irelynn:  So after two days of working on our project, our team has been tired and complaining a little but it amazes me how God is still working .  Even without trying, we have been a witness to the village around us.  People are constantly waving and thanking us for coming all the way here to work.  It makes it all worth it when we get to the end of the day and see the progress you have made for God.  He has taught me that our strength comes from the Lord and the Lord only.
From Roman:  Uganda is a great place.  When you are here, you are able to see the struggles of many Africans and you really feel compassion for them.  This place has many beautiful views and so far no taxes for food.



  1. Thank you so very much for the update! I look for these and any pictures from the team!! We are all praying here in Missouri and many other places around the USA! Looking forward to hearing all of Braden Demarks adventures! ❤️

  2. We are excited everytime we receive an update! We are proud of you all and the work you’re doing! We were very happy parents when we realized one of the girls in the picture in this update is Cassidy! We love and miss you!

  3. Happy Birthday Javin! I hope you have a great day! I’m so proud of you for going on this mission trip. I know that you will bless many people you meet there and their life will be changed forever because of you. I’m praying for you every day and can’t wait to hear all about your trip. Love, Aunt Lois

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