It Is Warming Up In Ireland

Things have gone quite well here in Ireland. The weather has been unusually warm. The work project is going very well, we are more than 08 Irelandhalfway done with everything. We decided to bring in a rubber chips for the playground instead of wood chips (for a soft pad for the playground to be sitting on). The team members have been working very hard pouring concrete and laying the foundation. Ethan Rummel and Sebastian Seanz are doing a great job mixing concrete and Kylie Pound and Lisa Hiebert are doing a great job floating the concrete. We are all very tired. Yesterday we went to a prayer meeting at the local church in Dublin. It was encouraging to pray with other believers about our ministry and other local ministries. On the way at the DART train station we decided to practice our presentation songs. The people waiting for the train were all very interested, one gal even took a video to send to her home in Brazil. We are all learning as a team what it means to serve Christ everywhere we go. I have noticed many of the team members encouraging each other and sharpening each other in the Lord. In short, God has been working in and through us in Ireland. Grace and peace to you all.
Pride and negative-vanity have been my stumbling stone for a long time. When I fell of Jacob’s Ladder I hurt my back which makes me unable to do the majority of the jobs here in Ireland. Because of that I can’t take pride in my actions nor can I help but thank God for making me the way I am. Its amazing to me how God has helped me with two different issues that appear to be opposites, with just one hard slap on the back. -Hannah Seymour
Ireland, when people hear this word they think about rolling hills and nice locals. Although I discovered that Ireland is much more. There is a great need for Jesus and my prayer is that our team will be able to meet that need. This is such an amazing opportunity that God has blessed us with. I feel that God is blessing others through us. Thank you for your prayers. -Kyle Callister




  1. Collin Alexander

    It’s good to hear that everyone is working together. We are so proud of you all. We love and miss you both. I hope you are getting all my cards.

  2. Darlene Denyer

    So glad it’s warming up in Ireland for the team, especially those cold 40 degree nights. Sounds like all is going well. Keep up the great work, We’ll keep praying for great things this summer……Letters coming!

  3. Clarence Martell

    Sounds like God is at work not only through you but in you! Glad to hear that the weather has warmed up some:) a shout out to Darby and Cindy…we love you so much! write home!!!!:)

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