Zimbabwe Sunday School, Eyeglass & Medical — Teen Trip

Second  Boot Camp — June 27—August 13Zimbabwe


Change the lives of many who, after being fitted with eyeglasses, will see clearly for the first time. You will receive training on how to fit individuals with proper reading glasses and to assist the facilitators with daily medical treatments at our AIDS Orphan Rescue Units. Following Boot Camp you bus to Orlando International Airport, and fly to Johannesburg, South Africa via Washington D.C. and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. After an ten hour drive from the airport, you will arrive at the Teen Missions in Zimbabwe base where your team will assist with painting and improvement projects. You will also have the opportunity to visit a Motorcycle Sunday School Mission Sunday school and help teach lessons, phonics, crafts and play games with those who attend. Housing will be in dorms; showers are available. Laundry will be done using buckets. You will visit the world famous Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, located on the Zambezi River, on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. You may have opportunities to purchase different kinds of native handiwork such as wood carvings, baskets, textile work and drums as souvenirs of your summer.  

Project Expense: $4990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. Are there any spots open to girls? I am registered for the Zambia team but am considering changing if there is a spot available.

  2. Are there any girl spots open left for the July 27-August 13 trip?

    • Lauren, Please call (321-453-0350) the office on Tuesday. All flights have been ticketed, but we would have to check with the travel agent to see if the flights have more seats. Air-fare is due upon registration.

  3. Are there any spots for girls left on the Zimbabwe team?

  4. Hey Everyone, I made a Facebook page for our team!

    Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/765574893490405/
    Can’t wait to meet all of you
    Maddie Holland

  5. I signed up of the Vanuatu team and my care packets have arrived but now I’m really reconsidering to changing teams and going into the Zimbabwe team is it still possible to change teams?

  6. This sounds like the perfect idea of what I’d been wanting to do for a gap year type trip and which I really want to go on but will it also be running in 2015/2016?
    And what age do you count as a teen?

  7. What would happen if i signed up for this trip but didn’t make enough money in time? I would like to go but raising so much money is pretty daunting especially when you live in a small town like me:)

    • Beth, Go ahead and sign up (that will be a popular team and will fill quickly). We will call you before the final booking of the airline tickets and if you need to switch to a cheaper team, we can do so at that time. However, you would be amazed at how God will bring in the money. If He wants you to go there, He WILL supply everything you need.

  8. I signed up to go one another team but I would like to switch to this team because of some conflicts. How do I do that?

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