Honduras Backpack — Teen Trip

First  Boot Camp — June 6—July 26Honduras

Honduras invites you to come and experience the richness of its culture on this hiking team that will be working with the Lenca Indian tribe. The beautiful mountains and the friendly people contrast the economic poverty they are living in. After your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Miami, then across Cuba and the Caribbean Sea, to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. From the airport, you will travel south by bus for five hours to La Esperanza, Intibuca. You will spend three weeks hiking through the mountains of Intibuca sharing love and hope through Jesus Christ with people who are spiritually lost in other religions. Evangelism will be done through presentations of puppets, dramas, music and clowns. Your team will be working alongside the ministry of Mercy International where there will be different projects available. You may have the opportunity to help construct adobe homes for families in need. Housing will be in tents; bathing and laundry will be done using buckets. At the end of this unforgettable trip, you will enjoy shopping for hammocks, machetes, jewelry and other precious souvenirs, as well as spending a day on the beach of the beautiful Caribbean Sea.  

Project Expense: $2890 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


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  1. Cassandra Harrison

    Hi Payton
    We miss you buddy. Hope you are having a good time at boot camp. How are your bible verses coming along? Uncle Robert says hi. Hope you have a great mission ans help a lot of peoplw. Hope you are making some great friends. Love and blessings mom.

  2. What is the arrival and departure tax? I am very confused.

    • Moriah, The taxes are what the country requires. Sometimes Honduras has more fees than other countries. Any unused money will be returned to the team members after Debrief.

  3. Ho, i was wondering if ther eis still spots open!


    • Wesley, Teams have been ticketed. If you are seriously interested, we may be able to get you a seat, but it may be at a higher price. The airline costs in addition to the registration fee of $55 are due at the time of registration.

  4. Hi! I had a friend who suggested plain nursing scrub pants to wear because they are light and dry quickly. Are we allowed to wear those on the field?

    • Meg, You may wear them at Boot Camp and Debrief only. You cannot wear them on the field. We treat them like PJ pants.

  5. Are you able to wear contacts on this trip???

  6. Hi, I was wondering if there was going to be a pack list sent at some point? We were expecting it with the stuff that came this week but there wasn’t anything about it. It would be helpful to know specifically what I should be bringing besides the few things that have been vaguely mentioned already. Thanks!

  7. Hi
    I was wondering if there were any spots left on this mission for a boy? Also wondering when it says teen if a 19 year old who has just finished 1st year college is ok? ‘Also wondering if you are canadian if just normal canadian passport is ok? Thanks so much for your help

    • lynn, Right now, it is full, but that can change tomorrow, next week, etc. When you register, please list four different choices. We will try to get you a spot on one of those choices. Yes, that is fine. When does he turn 20? Canadian passports are fine, but must have at least six months validity.

  8. Hey, have any spots opened up for a girl on this team?


  10. I was wondering if there were any spots left for girls.

  11. Hi, I was wondering how to find out what shots I will need to get?
    Thank you.

  12. Are there any spots left for boys on this trip?

    • Drake, Right now, it is full to guys, but go ahead and send in your registration. Make sure you have a second choice and in the comment section, write “waiting list for Honduras”. You should be able to get on when we get a cancellation or switch.

  13. Hi I was wondering if there are still spots open for girls

  14. Are there any more girl spots left for this year’s trip to Honduras?

  15. Are there spots left for this trip?

  16. Hi, I have already been registered to this trip and everything, but I am confused to the dates. Previously, there was a spot that said it was from June 27 – August 13th and that is what it said on the sheets I received but now I am seeing many things that say June 6th – July 26th. Which one is correct?

  17. when are payments due???
    because i might go if i raise money i am thinking of ways but it is like $3,090 with passport and everything any
    idea’s on raising money thanks for the help.

  18. I would like to go it is in June and my birthday is in may would you allow a new 13 year old to go i am fit and love God with all my heart and soul
    and have wanted to go on a mission trip sense i first let Christ in to my heart but i am short would you allow me to go or am i to young? I have been praying about it and i am sure now that God wants me to go i am trying to save up money just hope i can thanks bye.

  19. Hi, will the tents and backpacks be provided or is it suggested that I bring my own?

  20. I don’t want to get ebola

  21. Does the date, June 6th to July 26th, include the time of the boot camp or just the time in honduras?

  22. Where would we be sleeping?

  23. I really want to go on this trip but my parents have been telling me that there are drug lords that could easily kidnap me and ship me to another country. My grandparents say that you need armed forces to say protected in that country. Is there any form of protection that the teen missions group would have if we went there?

    • Kiley, This ministry is bathed in prayer. Team members are not allowed to wander off alone. They are always in groups and if they are off the compound, the groups have a leader with them.

    • Hi, I went to Honduras this past summer and had an amazing time! My team had a great experience and I’m so glad I went 🙂 Hope this is encouraging

  24. I understand this is going to be a very hard trip. Do you recommend it for 13 year olds?

  25. Hello, I noticed that this trip had two different boot camps posted. The missions list says it is the 2nd boot camp while the description of the trip says its the 1st boot camp. I was just wondering which one is correct.
    Thank you.

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