South Korea English Camp — Teen Trip

Second  Boot Camp — June 27—August 13SouthKorea

Use English as a ministry tool to reach children in South Korea this summer. After your training at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for a flight to Seoul, South Korea via Frankfurt, Germany. After arriving, the team will bus two hours to the Child Evangelism Fellowship camp in Cheonan City. Children will be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to practice their English with you. Many study the English language, but need help learning to pronounce certain words. You will be amazed how a conversation over a cup of tea or a simple game like “Simon Says” can be used to teach the English language. At the same time, you can share your faith in Christ and give evangelistic presentations using puppets and drama. You will make many lasting friendships. Housing will be in dorms; showers are available. Laundry will be done using buckets. Enjoy shopping in the night markets of Seoul to purchase souvenirs to bring back for family and friends, and to remind you of the most fascinating summer of your life.  

Project Expense: $4290 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee


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  1. I just registered my daughter for this summer.How do you know if there is room for one of the spots? Do you let us know and when?
    Do you assign a different one if the ones we picked are all gone?

  2. Can you tell me what medical requirements and immunization a are necessary for this team?

  3. Mrs. Kostner, Is there still a spot available for a girl on Korea team?

    • Faith, Right now, S. Korea is full, but if you register for another team and ask to be put on the waiting list, we can do that.

  4. when it says July 4th does that mean the beginning of boot camp or the trip in general?

    • Sean, I am not sure what you mean. The S. Korea trip begins on June 27 and ends on August 13. Those dates are all inclusive (include Boot Camp training, project time and Debrief).

  5. Hey y’all! We made a Facebook page for the South Korea team! So if you or your child will be going to South Korea 2015 feel free to join the group to get to know the other teem members and talk to the other parents! Excited for what God has in store for us this summer!


  6. About how long does it usually take to know for sure if you made it on a team?

  7. I am very interested in this team, and I was wondering if there was any room left on this trip?

    My cousin who lives in another state is going on this trip and I wanted to know if family members were allowed to be on the same team.


  8. Hello, I want to go as a member and was wondering if perhaps it gets cancel by natural disasters, etc. will I be able to refund?

    • Destiny, There are no refunds, but if the team is cancelled before the spring, you can switch to a different team. If it is switched after that time, usually the whole team is switched to another country. VERY rarely does this happen.

  9. Hi Mrs, Beth I have preyed about going next year and i think this is the one God has called me to. Do you know who will be leading?

  10. Hello, my name is Natalie Fazzone. I am a three year FTM and I would really like to go as a leader on the Korea 2015 team. I filled out the leader interest step online.


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