Vanuatu — Teen Trip

Second  Boot Camp — June 27—August 13Vanuatu

Spend your summer in the South Pacific, on Vanuatu, a jungle island paradise that you will never forget! Tucked away amongst the thick green rainforest of Pentecost Island are many villages which desperately need to hear the Good News of Jesus. After flying from Orlando International Airport via Los Angeles and Nadi, Fiji, you arrive in Port Vila, the nation’s capital and then on to Pentecost Island, to the village of Lonoroe. After landing, you will travel “island style,” in the back of a ute (small truck), one hour to Ranmawot Mission where you will work renovating the Ranmawot Health Center. On weekends, you will hike to remote villages to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ using puppets, music, drama and testimonies. Housing will vary depending on location. Bathing and laundry will be done using buckets. At Waterfall Village you will have the opportunity for some rest and relaxation as you bathe in the cool waters of a beautiful river beneath a picturesque waterfall. You will be overwhelmed by the friendliness and generosity of the local people and be inspired by the joy they have, even with the little they own. Spend a day in Port Vila where you will have a chance to purchase souvenirs such as wood carvings, bush knives, sarongs, jewelry and woven bags to remember your island adventure.  

Project Expense: $4990 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

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  1. Hi, my name is Amy Davis. (Ali’s mom) I have created a facebook page for the parents and family of the Vanuatu team members to visit, get to know each other, and of follow our kids’ journey to Vanuatu this summer. Our page is Parents and Family of TMI Vanuatu 2015 Looking forward to meeting all the parent.

    • Our niece Naomi Watson is on her way to boot camp! Can’t wait to see what God does through these teens! Thanks for setting up the page, you might have a lot more requests from Summerville, SC so we can keep up with her ! Thank you !

  2. Hi, my name is Ali Davis. I have created a Facebook page called TMI Vanuatu 2015 for the those registered on the Vanuatu team. I have been on a couple Teen Missions trips before, so if you have any questions feel free to ask me on Facebook and I will answer them as best I can.

  3. What info come with the team specific info?

  4. Are there still space available for boys and girls on this trip?

  5. Is the Vanuatu team still happening?

  6. Do you guys know yet what is going to happen to this team yet?

    • Sissa, At this time, it is remaining the same. We are waiting to get word from Vanuatu which may take some time.

  7. Are there still spots left on this team?

  8. Is Vanuatu still open?

  9. Isabelle Christensen

    Eden Sheil, When i went to Vanuatu, the longest hike we went on was close to 2 hours. at least as far as I remember. it didnt feel like 2 hours to me thought because with TMI, the day is only as fun as you want it to be.

  10. Is there room left on this team if so will a spot be reserved when you send in the registration form or the money?

  11. What is included in the cost?

    • Daniel, It does NOT include your round-trip transportation to/from FL, passport and visa costs, spending money, departure tax, deposits ($30). It does include your food and transportation to/from FL to your project country, air tax, etc.

  12. With bathing and laundry be done in buckets, or will dorms be available?

    • Caity, It can be either and it can change between now and then. You will learn to do it with buckets during Boot Camp, so it really is not a problem to do it on the field.

  13. Hey, I was wondering how long the hikes on the weekend are?

    • Eden, It will depend on where the team is hiking to.

    • Eden, when I went to Vanuatu I just depends. Sometimes it would be pretty short, and other times it would be longer. After training at The Lord’s Bootcamp for two weeks, you should be ready for however long it will be.

  14. how long are these hikes on the weekend?

  15. Where will the team stay when they are at Pentecost Island?

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