The Cambodia Team Is Enjoying The Children!

We continue to visit villages located in Tanksang commune in the afternoons. The children are still in 02 Cambodiaschool and they get home every day about 1 PM. The intern, Serum, goes and gets permission every day from the village chief, and then he goes and gets the children together. The children work in the family rice fields and care for livestock every afternoon.  They work very hard.  But the parents will allow them to attend our MSSM presentation before they leave for work, so PTL.  The kids are sooo responsive, they love to laugh and love the action songs. The Laughing Song goes over very well with the adults too—many of the parents stay and watch and cheer the kids on. We are doing the Bible story of David and Goliath and they love it. Serum is a very good interpreter and gets behind the story. They love it when David kills the big giant!! I believe that Cambodia is wide open to MSSM!!


The weather is VERY hot (dry heat) and we are drinking lots of water. There was a very big storm come through yesterday with some flooding around the area. The interns went and gathered fish and crab from the roads, and creeks.  They will eat anything…


We are scheduled to visit a school on Monday and then to villages about 25km away from our base on Tuesday – Friday, so the team will get some good riding time.  We will stop every 10ks for team to take a break. Thank you for your prayers.


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