Forest Angels — Preteen Trip

Preteen Boot Camp  July 1—August 5UnitedStates


Be a part of the first Forest Angels Preteen Team and train on the new Coleman mini bikes on the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission motorcycle course at the Lord’s Boot Camp. After completing your training, you will head out to the Ocala National Forest in Florida where you will set up your tents in a lakeside campground. Your team will ride some of the 125 miles of trails, sharing the Gospel with those you see. You may also have opportunities for ministry in local churches using music, puppets and testimonies. After two weeks on the trails you return to the Teen Missions Conference Center and share Christ on Cocoa Beach. Housing will vary depending on location. Bathing and laundry will be done using buckets. You are sure to enjoy a visit to world famous Ron Jon Surf Shop at Cocoa Beach.

Project Expense: $2290 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee




Important Information: You must be at least 11 years old.





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  1. Do the kids need to know how to ride the mini bikes or will they be taught as well? Thanks

  2. Beth, are you the leader for this trip?

  3. Would I be able to save all my money up, and then register at the beginning of May and just send all the money in then?

  4. My daughter is 10, are there any state side missions she can attend?

  5. I live very close to Orlando international airport and I could drive there. Would there be any rate discount if I could drive there?

  6. Tristan is deciding between Australia or one of the motorbike teams but would like to know how long the motorbike teams are in Florida for. Is it the same length as an overseas trip?

  7. My son is 10 and we are interested in the preteen camp but I noticed it says he has to be 11 to do the mini bikes. Now he will be eleven on 8/3, would he still be able to participate with the mini bikes? What is the deadline to sign them up?

  8. My cousin and I would both like to go on this. so is there room for two people and do girls go on this trip?

  9. Is there still room on this Trip? I thing I would like to go if there is.

  10. Is there still space for a twelve year old boy on this trip? My son is very excited about it.

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