Guatemala Is Working Hard

Work at the project continues to go well, though weather created a few frustrations. After thinking all the footer digging was done, rain ruined 05 Guatemalasome of it and it had to be re-done. But, the team characteristically tackled the work and got it done quickly. Today they are tying steel, and excitedly looking forward to pouring concrete and getting on to laying block. Work on the ditch outside the facility also continues – seems about the time they think they have it right, rain comes and reveals more that needs doing.
Weather is mostly nice, but we do get afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. Wednesday was some quite heavy rain and storms.
Yesterday we visited Antigua.  Antigua was once the capital, but it was moved to Guatemala City after a volcanic eruption destroyed Antiqua. It was rebuilt some 200-300 years ago and has the look of an old Spanish colonial community. The team visited a nearby “hill” where a cross is located overlooking the city, then we went into the town for lunch and some shopping. I am pretty sure I can safely say all the kids got items that they wanted for gifts and for themselves, and a good day was had by all.
Our plans for next week include completing the steel tying, pouring the concrete and getting started on laying block. This team really wants to see as much done as possible before we leave.
Hannah Summy –  “On this trip, God has been so incredible. It always  blows my mind how much closer God draws me as I so humbly serve Him. Before this trip even began, God required of me to trust Him more than I had believed I could. Now that I have arrived and spent time in the place God sent me, I am consistently in awe of the work He has been doing in and through us. God has given me experiences that I have been able to use for His glory, for which I am so glad; there is no other reason to live but to glorify so wonderful a God.”
Hannah Redmond –  ” Being in Guatemala has been great. I adore the kids here, and spending time with them is my favorite. The work has been very hard, but also rewarding. I love seeing how God is working through all our lives and how much we are growing. I was at a really tough time in my relationship with God before this trip and even during Boot Camp. But God spoke to me this morning during devotions and now I’m so full of joy and I c an’t wait to see what else God is going to do!!”
Elijah Conrad –  “When I arrived, I was shocked in disappointment because we were in a city. In time I grew to love it here, the people, the work project, and the view of the mountains. The food is wonderful being made by Steffeny Spindler (ed. note: AND our other lady leaders!) all day and every day. The leaders are very loving and merciful to all of us (THE TEAM). I think God for bringing me here.”
Levi Smith –  “Field Thoughts – The Lord is at work in Guatemala! Our team has arrived safely, and we have begun work. I have been amazed to see how well we’ve been working together, and how much we’ve been able to get accomplished. Our team is staying at a children’s home and we’ve had opportunities to inteact with the children. One of the highlights of this trip so far was a soccer game (futbol) we played with the children at a local soccer field. God has provided ample opportunity for spiritual growth through various classes we are taking here on the field. What a privilege to serve the Lord in Guatemala!
Hannah Ferguson – “It’s so beautiful here in Guatemala. Our trip has been great so far. We’ve been working hard, but it has been great to work with such a good team.

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  1. Kathryn Walter

    Heard about the earthquake close by and we sent out a prayer note to all our people to be in prayer concerning the conditions there and that there would be way to let all the parents know what is happening with you.

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