Malawi #2

Tonight’s rally will take the countdown for the end of Boot Camp down to two more days! It is hard to believe that today is our last day of 10 Malawiclasses before we begin to pack and tear down our tentsite. It seems somewhat appropriate that as we won the Clean Award the first day, we should win it on the last day as well. The girls also won the Brainstorming Award for their ideas and tied for first on the Obstacle Course. So this afternoon we will be able to enjoy some time in the pool! It will be good to relax before the days of packing and traveling that are ahead. There has been a wonderful breeze the past few days and the temperature has been cool. Despite the scattered showers, we had the blessing of some extra time this morning to finish last minute laundry and organize our belongings before heading to music class. This afternoon is our last set of drilling classes before we head out. The girls have learned a lot the past couple of days about how to work the controls of the rig, test the viscosity (thickness) of the drilling mud and also a bit of patience when the rig hits the rock layers which take longer to drill through. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to learn how to bless others with water and be able to minister to the people of the village spiritually at the same time. The team is learning more and more how to work together and build each other up. The excitement of leaving for Malawi is growing and we can’t wait to see what the Lord does. We appreciate so much your prayers for the team as we finish up Boot Camp and are soon to begin our journey to Malawi.
During the time I have spent so far at the Lord’s Boot Camp, I have learned so many things in a pretty short time. One night one of the speakers gave a message about strange ministers which is something that you don’t typically consider as something that will help you grow in faith. For me, this strange minister was the uncomfortable conditions here like the heat, the mosquitoes, sleeping in a tent and washing clothes in a bucket. Because of these difficult and new conditions, I have had to learn how to adjust and accept things the way they are and slowing I have come to almost enjoy certain aspects of this new way of life. Another thing I have learned is how to work as a team and try to lift each other up. Everyone on the team is different so of course there are people that get along better than others. It has been a challenge, but has taught me how to look for the good in others rather than focusing on the bad. Hopefully this will bring the team closer together and create a great experience. – Emma Ross
Hi friends! Being a Former Team Member, you sometimes feel like you know everything even when you don’t. The past two weeks God has been showing me that His way up is down. I knew it was going to be hard and my walk with the Lord is on fire. I was one of the home schoolers who got hurt on Jacob’s Ladder, and it took some time for my body to heal but I am so happy that I can go to Malawi with my amazing team that God has given me this summer. (Hi Mom and Mommy Codding!) – Harmony Shropshire
So far Boot Camp has been fun. I’ve met a lot of people and leaned a lot of new things such as how to drill a well, present songs with puppets and how to tie steel. My time here has taught me to trust in God more and how to be myself instead of being fake. God is showing me the real me and I am learning more and more along the way! – Lea Anderson



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  1. Anna Orange, we are so proud of you and all you have accomplished these last 2 weeks. God is so good and so very faithful!!! We ask his blessing on the next part of your journey. You and your team are in our prayers, safe travels, enjoy your shower and ice!!!! Love you to the moon and back ( Africa too) Grandma 🙂

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