2017 Adult Mission Trips

Adult Mission Trips


Overseas Teams: The dates listed include your TOTAL time of involvement.  The first day is the day you are to arrive in Florida and the last is the day you will be back in the U.S.  You will have one orientation day before you travel overseas.



Zimbabwe Eyeglass/MedicalAdult Zimbabwe

January 29-February 17, 2017

What a blessing it is to see clearly! 

Travel: Following a day of specialized training in Merritt Island Florida, you will fly to Zimbabwe via Washington, D.C. and Addis Abba and landing in Johannesburg, South Africa.  After an overnight at the Teen Missions base in Pretoria, you will bus to the border of Zimbabwe, keep your eyes open for giraffe, kudu, antelope and elephants.  After crossing the border you will travel two hours to our base in Gwanda.

Ministry: You can help others to see better by fitting them with reading eyeglasses on this adventurous medical team to Zimbabwe.   Daily you will ride in the Teen Missions truck and visit the different MSSM locations where you will test and give out eyeglasses to children, teachers and elderly people in the nearby villages as well as take care of basic first aid issues.  You will enjoy the enthusiasm that people have when they can see clearly!  You will also have time to play with and encourage the children who attend the Sunday schools.

Adventure: A trip is planned to Victoria Falls also known as the “smoke that thunders” before you return to South Africa and then on to the States.

Project Expense $3290 plus $30 Registration Fee 




Adult MadagascarCambodia

February 5-24, 2017

Experience the exotic land of Cambodia. 

Travel: After a day of training you bus to the Orlando International Airport and board a flight to Chicago.  A connecting flight takes you across Ontario, Canada, the Arctic Ocean, the International Date Line, Russia and China before arriving in Hong Kong.  A short flight across the South China Sea and Vietnam takes you to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Ministry: Your project will be to continue the construction at our base in Kampong Chhnang.  The majority of villagers in this area are Buddhist, yet are open to the message of the Gospel.  There will be opportunities to visit churches in the area as well as minister to the many children surrounding the base.

Adventure: While in Siem Reap, you will have an opportunity to explore the World Heritage Site, Angkor Wat, before your return to the States.

Project Expense $3090 plus $30 Registration Fee





  1. im glad to see this page and i like to know more a lot about your mission…i hope you will plan to visit the phillipines to help the poor and the sick here in the philippines… ahmf i have something to ask,who is founder in this organization??

  2. Am glad I found you on fb I attended tmi boot camp in tz both in 1999-2000 I loved the experience I was wondering do the boot camp still goes on in tz or any African countrys tho am all grown up 33 to be exact I would love to do it again

  3. Hi Beth, what’s going on I send several messages to the finance office to enable me pay for d registration fees but I didn’t get any reply .what should I do now?

  4. Evangelist Felix

    I have received your reply but I have been trying to register online. could you check if any of my application has reaching you

  5. Evangelist Felix

    Do you mean I may not get the visa to join you or would there be help inform of a letter from you to assist me to get the visa.How can I contact you on phone from Nigeria

    • Evangelist, You would be responsible for obtaining a visa to the US and to the country you are going to (including the costs), the costs of the trip (including air and departure taxes) and the cost of round-trip transportation to/from the US. If you are able to do all of these costs, then we would provide the needed letter.

  6. Hi I am 28 years old and I believe God wants me to do missionary work. I have always wanted to be a missionary since I was a little girl. When I was at winter jam this year I was approached by teen missions and given a flyer I believe this is a sign from god and I would love to join in 2016 as a volunteer. I would like for someone to contact me and tell me how I can get started doing gods work?

  7. I have attended the Malawi adult missions trip for four years straight except for last Feb. I originally went with the intention of blessing the missionaries and the children, but as I sought to reach out, I found that that the missionaries, the TMI students, and the children ministered to me. My family, my brothers and sisters in the Lord of Malawi, I have grown to love so dearly and look forward in working hand in hand in the medical/eye glass ministry 2016

  8. Evangelist Felix

    Am a youth pastor from Nigeria How I can be part of Honduras team 2016 and what is the total cost if am coming from Nigeria

    • Dear Evangelist Felix, You would be responsible for your round-trip transportation to/from Florida, the cost of the team (the estimates are listed) and your visa costs. I am not sure how hard it is to get a visa from Nigeria.

  9. What if we can’t afford the expenses but still feel God wants me to dothis

    • Brian, If God wants you to do this, He will provide, but you must do the work of getting the word out (sending out the prayer letters and prayer cards that we send you, garage sales, etc.).

  10. Is there ever any missions toward the end of the year?

  11. I would love to participate in any of the missions, but i would have a problem coming up with the money for the trip . Is there any help out there that you know of that can help out?

  12. I would love to participate in the Ecuador mission trip. Will this be available for next year? Where would I go to view the mission trips for next year for preparation?

  13. Would love to know more about your missions

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