Another busy week in Haiti!

Another week down in the town of Ouanaminthe, Haiti, two more to go! Time is going quickly it seems like. With each day passing we look DSCN0789Haiti 2014forward to debrief, but we also do not want to leave. This trip will come to an end, and at that point and, as we have been wanting to do throughout the duration of the trip, we bring God the glory in all we do. Start out at 100% and end at 100%, no slacking, but giving our all for God! In my opinion, and I believe the team members agree the last few days of this week were the best for the team! The presentations went tremendously both Thursday and Friday, and the weather has not been too rainy or too hot, praise God! The team members all came together and were positive and joyful in their presentation. We did puppets, we sang a few songs, and we did a drama each night as well. The drama is called “Because we want to be loved,” which is a drama about how we as human beings do things in order to be loved that most of the time is not good, and how we do not have to put on a show for God, but He loves us for who we are. The kids and the adults really enjoyed this drama. We were also able to play with the kids a whole lot, which was the best for all the team members, being able to love on them, and laugh with them. It was such a happy time. After the nights with the kids during evening devotions the team members were so joyful and excited about the night we had. It was awesome to see their smiles and their attitudes. This is what we all look forward to each day, the presentations for the kids, and playing with them. We were also able to go on a nice walk outside the compound on Saturday. It was nice for the team members and for us leaders to be able to get out and see some new scenery. We are planning on doing this a couple of times a week in the evening time when the heat is not so bad. We are continuing in the teaching of the English classes for the students most who are young men, doing this each Saturday and Sunday evening. This morning was communion and the team members also enjoyed this facet of a foreign communion with the same focus, which is Jesus Christ!
    The work project is going swell. We are doing some odd jobs right now, moving tons of rocks, equivalent to Mt. Everest it seems like at times (to the team members at least), but they keep going strong. We are also moving a bunch of wood which was used to build the footers and taking the nails out of them. Over the next week we will be looking at what else we can get done with our time here, and serve God and the children and missionary here to the best of our potential! In regards to health everyone is doing a lot better, it seems like we will all as a team be able to jump right back into work tomorrow! Praise God! As I am writing this it looks like it will rain, and praise God for that as well, “whether it rains, “rains rains,” whether it pours, “pours pours,” I will trust You Lord with all my life.” With our tents being out of the mud the rain is not a big issue so it can be nice at times. The team members also got to get some cold ice cream-type treat from a guy traveling by bicycle from place to place, (they really want him to come back everyday!). It was a big treat to have something so cold, and cheap, only a quarter! Bananas are also a desired food, because we can get up to 8 for a dollar. Hoping to get a lot done this week, and praying for God’s hand in all of it! Prayers are appreciated for endurance, for energy, for JOY, for love for one another, and that each of us will put the other team member/leader before ourselves. Thank you all for the prayers!
Madison Snyder:
    Being in Haiti has been eye opening. The kids here are always smiling even though they do not have as much as we do. I love singing and playing with them! I can’t wait to see what God does in the last couple weeks that we have here in Haiti!
Molly Dashiell:
    Coming to Haiti I have been immersed in a whole new culture. Goats and cows are everywhere, and you might find a pig roaming the yard. Yet I find that I haven’t really experience the culture shock, and that God has been preparing my heart for this trip. Some days have been harder than others, and that is when I am reminded of how desperately I need God. Other days though, have been so full of joy. As I stood in the downpour of a tropical storm shampooing my hair, I could not help but laugh because God has been teaching me to enjoy the little things. God is good all the time and all the time God is good.
Dana Hursh:
    Communion in Haiti: During church this morning, we had the opportunity to take communion in church. Chewy bread and bitter wine were what my taste buds were met with… However, it is not about what they used to have communion with, but about remember Christ my Savior and what He did for me on the cross. This morning as I experienced a different cultures communion, I thanked Jesus for dying for my sins, and making Himself my friend.
Emma Barnhart:
    Living in the culture of Haiti really makes you realize how grateful we should be. Being around people who have almost nothing who are still so happy, compared to us who have everything and are not as grateful makes you see how the love of God IS really everywhere, and He is desperately needed all over the world. Everyone needs Him, not just us who already have most things that we say we “need.”





  1. The entire team is in our prayers and we thank our Almighty God for answering prayer. Continue to lift up Jesus Christ doing all in His name. We are grateful for the good report and trust all will close out well. We pray for the salvation of souls and the team as they find it difficult to leave their new friends.

  2. Has anyone got a letter from Haiti? We haven’t yet.

  3. Thank you so much for the update. Praying for all of you daily. I love you Alayjah. I don’t want to rush away your time, but I miss you bunches!!!

  4. Prudence Franklin

    Another great report! I am glad to hear that the kids are really making an impression on the people of Haiti and also learning to be grateful.
    Keep up the good work guys! Praying for you.

    @Robert, let me hear from you.

  5. So glad to hear this report! Sounds like a lot has been going on — a lot to praise the Lord for! Hearing the boards have been removed from the footers sounds positively great. Curing time takes a while, so that sounds like the footer is done. Hopefully the block-making process is going well. Love on those kiddos as much as you can. They need it and so do you! Praying for you all TEAM HAITI!!!!

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