Eventful week in Zambia!

Oscar has just returned from his Rescue Units encourager visits to the Units in the Lufwanyama district. He saw the team and brought in 15 Zambiatheir report, so this report is typed by the missionary.

The team finished our time in Lufwanyama assisting medically and with eyeglasses at the TMI unit on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. We also completed a construction project, painting the exterior of a building and harvesting corn for the ministry. We also evangelized to the orphans at the unit and traveled to local Sunday Schools and a nearby Matron Unit on Thursday, presenting the gospel through puppets, songs, and balloons. On Wednesday the team visited three Sunday Schools and ministered to over 350 kids, with more than 80 accepting Christ as their Lord and Savior. All teens participated, including KP. Mckaylin, Dorsey, and Nattaly dramitized the Daniel and the Lion’s Den story twice with multiple teammates. Cody Yarbrough and Micheal Timmons told the story of David and Goliath, also with the assistance of other teammates. We just arrived at Wangibisha as the first U.S. team to minister at this Unit. We will continue to minister through medical and eyeglasses and construction.

MADELINE BARE: When we first arrived in Zambia I was very excited. I was ready to minister to and meet new people. Upon arrival at our first Rescu Unit, I was anxious to get started. With a few days we began doing eyeglasses, medical, and construction work. I have thouroughly enjoyed with the children and doing all the construction projects. My eyes have definitely been open to the meek and humble Zambian lifestyle. The Lord has continued to work in my heart and life, and I cannot wait to see what He has in sore for us at these next two units.

MCKAYLA PATRICK: God is good all the time and all the time God is good. The people here are great. Their voices are so beautiful as they lift up praise to the Father. I am learning from both my team and the people here that I must rely on God daily and that I don’t need to know every detail of my day.

ROSE WILLIAMS: I have really been enjoying our time in Zambia so far. At the Rescue Units there are so many kids who have practically nothing in the way of wordly possessions. They love to play games and talk with us. Sometimes it is mentally exhausting to be with the kids all the time and we have to rely on God for energy. These orphans don’t seem to get much attention so it is a blessing to show them God’s love. I am excited to see what God has left in store for our team here in Zambia.



  1. Dear Missionary Encourager,
    Thank you for sending news. Many rejoice and praise God for the work happening in Zambia! As parents and friends of dear Zambia Team, we celebrate with you. We are praying and learning to wait on the Lord. Personally, I am confident the Zambia Team is in good hands. Trusting the Team Leaders will send reports through brothers and sisters like you or when they return to Base and have internet access. Thank you for making encourager visits and sending us news. We are for praying God’s best for this generation. We are in good hands!
    PS Maybe you would send a quick arrow prayer to Abba for me as I wait to hear some news about Rachel Profio. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for the update!! What a blessing to get to hear glimpses into the lives of our kids!!

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