What a week it has been here in Koboko, Uganda!

What a week it has been here in Koboko.  We are progressing well on our projects.  Last week, we had a soccer outreach at a local school.  Uganda 2014Uganda 2014The team had fun playing soccer with the kids and we did a presentation after the game.  On Saturday, we had a fun day for the orphans in the area.  We had over 150 kids come for the day.   We played games, taught phonics, did a presentation and played soccer.   Arri shared a message with the kids.  The staff here fed the kids lunch.  It was such a fun and exhausting day.   The team had a wonderful time loving on the kids and playing with them,
On Sunday, we went to a local church.  They really liked our “Because we want to be loved” drama.  In the afternoon, a Muslim man came by the base and asked how to be Christian.  He said his parents were Christians, but when they died, he converted to Islam.  When he started his fast yesterday for Ramadan, he felt God prompting him to seek Him.  Shannon shared the Romans Road with him and also some from John Chapter 14 about Jesus being the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him.  The man said he believed and he wanted to pray to accept Christ.   The team was praying the entire team.  We all celebrated our new brother in Christ!
Today is Lane’s birthday.  We will celebrate with a cake and we will sing Happy Birthday to him several times today!  Derek shared his favorite Bible Story, David and Goliath, in devos.  Javin shared about Paul and his shipwreck.  BJ shared his testimony.  We enjoy the “hotseat” time after team devos where we can ask questions to get to know each team member.
We celebrated Fourth of July last week as well.
We are planning a community outreach this Saturday.  We also hope to have the wind turbine up and the bathroom fixtures in by the end of the week.   We are so blessed that everyone is healthy!  Please continue to pray for our health and safety.  Some of the team have had bouts of homesickness, but it doesn’t last long.  Once the kids come around, we are filled with joy!
From Arri:  We have been in Koboko for a week now and already God has shown Himself to our group.  The progress on filling the courtyard with dirt has been coming along pretty well and it will look entirely different when we finish.  The orphans were at the base this past Saturday and it was amazing to see the smiles on their faces and the laugh that they got when we were singing or just playing.  A man came today and wanted to become a Christian because he believed that what he did as a Muslim didn’t have the right meaning.  He did end up accepting Jesus and for sure showed me that God is working in people’s lives.
From Alisyn:  As a former team member, being here in Uganda again has been humbling and mind opening.  Even though we have been outplayed in the last two soccer games, God is showing us love to give to the people here.  I thank God that He is strengthening us in faith individually and also as team too!



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