Work continues in Guatemala

At the worksite, things are progressing a bit more slowly as the team nears the finish of the steel tying in preparation for pouring the concrete 05 Guatemalafoundation. It is hoped by all that they finish the steel tying today so they can do concrete tomorrow. Work on the ditch (to prevent rain from flooding into the Nuevo Reto facility) continues, but having had no recent rain, it is not for sure it will achieve the purpose. Weather has been sunny, warmer and somewhat humid (though NOTHING like in Florida).
Puppets were used during a presentation Saturday afternoon across the street from Nuevo Reto. Several neighbors watched and accepted tracts and New Testaments (donated to this team by the Outlook, SK camp of Gideon’s).
Outstanding experience since our day in Antigua, reported in the last update, was helping celebrate the 7th birthday of one of the little girls in Nuevo Reto. The team was included in games and in the refreshments as well. In addition, we had a “fun night” Saturday evening complete with freshly popped popcorn.
The plan is to complete the steel tying today and pour the foundation tomorrow.. After that…on to block laying.
Thank you for your prayers.



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  1. Will pray for you all daily. We are also proud of what you’re accomplishing for Jesus. Tell Maxx we love and miss him.

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