Cambodia Update

We are located outside of Kyaugta Mou, at the TMI Base.02 Cambodia
On Thursday July 3rd we visited a small village about 6 kilometers away from the base to do our presentation. There were about 40 kids and adults in attendance. 

Friday and Saturday were open days for us so we were able to work around the base on several projects, digging pit toilets, cleaning up concrete in the new dorm building, picking up trash, burring trash and working on the metal roofs on the buildings.  The team worked a lot on Bible verse memory, library reading, Bible studies and personal journing.

On Sunday July 6th we visited the Presbyterian Church of Khnataimok Village.  The Church is 25 k from the base so it took us an hour to ride there, the roads had major holes and most were dirt/gravel mix.  It was a fun ride with the view of rice fields and water buffalo all the way, amazing!!  The people at the Church was amazing, and provided us with some great coconut mike.  A man from the church took off climbing up the tree and cut down 8 coconuts for us.  The pastor’s wife opened them and provided us with straws.  After we drank the juice she cut them open so we could eat the meat of the coconut.  Great time of fellowship as we attempted to over come the language barrier.  The pastor was able to speak okay English.  We talked a long time about MSSM and he wants us to come to plant new schools in Villages close to his that do not have any church. 

He listed the 6 for me:  
Jraice Village, 2k
Khnataimok Village, 3k
Okakhob Vilage, 2k
Thnal Village, 2k
Ocheun Village, 3k
Sambokkril Village, 18k
This would be an entire new Circuit in Cambodia!!  The team is going to start visiting each Chief of the village, and do a presentation to see if God wants us to plant a new Motorcycle Sunday in each of these locations.  
Weather still is hot, but PTL the last two days there is steady breeze from the East of our camp!!  
We hope to visit the big city of Kampong Chhnang soon.  We need to get some supplies from Siem Reap so Katie’s can make us some banana bread and carrot cake! The two Bible School students are looking forward to tasting some good American banana bread. 

We will start taking longer trips after we get our license plates. We will head up to Khnataimok Village two days this next week to check on a new Circuit.


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  1. Hello Cambodia Team… and Alayna!

    It sounds like you all are having the time of your lives and making a wonderful impact on a lot of lives there in Cambodia. We pray for you all every day, and know that God is using you to bring the love of God to these families. Keep up the good work, and keep an eye on Alayna… 🙂

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