Good things are happening here in China!



Dear Family and Friends,China 2014China 2014China 2014

Good things are happening here in China. The air is buzzing with excitement because camp starts today. This whole week has been and endless stream of preparation for this moment. 


All the class rooms where they will be teaching english have been plastered, painted, swept, and moped. Heather, Melody, Linda, Amanda, Austin, and Danny did a wonderful job at patching up the holes in the walls. Rachel O. and Andrew sealed the windows and doors with caulking. Hannah, Leah, Nathan, Clara, Emma, Liz, Laural, and Anthony helped sand down the plaster and paint the walls.


The Catapults that will be used for the water war at the end of the week have been fully erected by Wes, Veronica, Colton, Preston, Andrew, and Rebekah. I was very impressed by their ingenuity.  


Everyone has done their part in preparing to bless the Chinese kids who will be coming to this camp. Each one has been assigned with a responsibility that is integral to camp running smoothly. The team is split up mostly in two major groups, Counselors and Teachers.   


The Counselors role will include being a presence with the kids, running activities like, golf, basketball, Archery, camp games and more. These are the team members who have been chosen as counselors: Veronica, Preston, Austin, Rachel O., Nathan, Clara, Emma, Danny, Liz, Laurel, Rebekah, Wes, and Anthony.


The Teachers role will include running English classes and one on one tutoring sessions. The teachers are Hannah, Melody, Leah, Linda, Amanda, Andrew, Andrew, Heather, and Colton.


Both groups have been oriented on there roles and are excited to be apart of blessing these kids.

Please pray for the group this week as we minister to these kids. Pray for doors to be opened and opportunities to share the gospel would happen at these camps.


Another prayer request would be that you pray for the head male leader Justin. On Monday he started to have pain in his stomach he went to a clinic which in turn sent him to a hospital. As they went through a series of test it was found that he had a kidney stone. The stone could not pass naturally so they had to perform a procedure to break up the stone. He was in the hospital for a few days and is back with the team. Next Tuesday he will go for a check up.


Thank you for your prayers





  1. Awesome…thank you for the update. We know you guys are making God smile!!! Keep up the good work!!! PTL

  2. Carolyn Mitchell

    I’m excited for you all! China is the land of my forefathers and where my husband, Frank, and I were first missionaries as English teachers, especially my husband. I will be praying for all that you’ve requested for opportunities to share the Good News and also for your leader, Justin, that the Lord would heal him and rid him of the kidney stone.


  3. Wonderful update!! Thank you so much & the pictures are fantastic. We will continue to pray for the entire team, and especially Justin– so thankful this episode occurred while the team was at camp & not traveling. Praise God for all He is doing & will do through this team. May blessings cover them all.

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