It has been a great week in Australia!

It has been a great week in Australia! Work has continued on all our projects. The team works with the Bible school students every afternoon. Australia 2014Australia 2014They are cleaning up leaves to help get the base in shape for Boot Camp and they continue to work on building eating sites which are also for Boot Camp. They’ve been working on other odd jobs as well, but the bulk of the work has been preparing the ground for a new chapel.

This week half the team was able to go do some street evangelism where they gave flowers to people and reminded them of God’s love.

On Sunday, the team gave their presentation as they led worship at a local church. They did a great job and the church people were truly blessed. Tea is served after church here in Australia so the team has a great opportunity to visit and get to know the people who attend there. It was a very friendly and welcoming congregation and the team truly enjoyed “tea time.”



God is good! Here in Australia I have grown closer to Him and I have seen how He has built this team into an army and a family for Him. We went on our first church service, that we led, and I pray that what we did there impacts the hearts of those who heard it. I know that the Lord brought all of us here. I just hope that I can see some of that reason. Although, even if I don’t, I know that God is building my faith and I will be able to see what He did through me in heaven. Jeremy Robbins



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