Greetings from the Holy Land!

The project is going well. The fence job is complete and looks attractive while serving it’s purpose as a barrier for the school.  Blocks  07 Israelcontinue to go up on the laundry room and storage areas. The team was complimented on their work by a man in the building trade. He stopped by the project site and told us that their work was better than most professional block layers he has worked with.
Saturday we were able to go to Bethlehem and see the Nativity Church where Jesus was born.  We visited the field where the angels appeared to the shepherds and also saw the fields of Boaz. It really makes the Bible come alive for all of us. On the way home there was time to do some shopping, which made the team very happy. Sunday was a special day. We walked down, down, down the hill and up, up another to the Local Baptist Church in Beit Jala where we enjoyed worshipping together with fellow Christians. We especially enjoyed singing together in two languages knowing that God hears and understands both at the same time. Our teens shared a couple songs and were invited back Thursday evening. We look forward to seeing them again.
Evening devotions  continue to bring the team closer as we share testimonies and pray for one another. We were all happy to hear the Caleb has a new brother as we have been praying for little Gus and mom in our devotion time.

Thanks for your prayers.

So far throughout this trip to Israel I have changed so much. I have grown closer to God through devos and just seeing how the Israelis and Palastinians are so lost and just the conflict between them. I have also seen a lot of change in our team since we first met at boot camp. Now that we have been in the field and working together we have grown to know each other grow as a family. I am hoping by he end of this trip that we will all have grown closer to God and get to know Him better.   Jerry DuBois

These last few couple of weeks have been pretty awesome, whether we have been trying to better ourselves at block laying or visiting historical places where Jesus once walked. I have to say, working here in Israel has been an incredible experience and even though we haven’t had the chance to verbally witness to people here we have been a great witness through our diligent work so far. So with that in mind, I want to ask that you would pray for us and that we would find the strength to continue in our work.   Brandon Schmidt



  1. Nelson & Gina Salazar

    WOW, am I impressed with this team! In two weeks they have accomlished so much! Through these teens and their FAITHFUL Leaders we can truly see what happens when we get outside of ourselves to work for Christ our LORD. Can’t wait to see what they get done in the second half of this mission…

    I know I may never see all the fruit that is coming as a result of their service and their sacrifice but, I know it will be a great harvest indeed! I pray our family will be catapulted to new levels of faith, which is an act, due to our son having divinely been appointed to this great team.

    I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the leadership of Mr. Richard, Ms.Gina, Ms. Lisa and Nathan. It has become evident to us they were hand chosen by THE LORD! It is clear Lucas is in “good hands” along with all the team members.

    We have raised our sons to to put others first, it has been NORMAL for us to put others first, but may we do all we do, as unto THE LORD! Faith is an act, an action word, so then let us DO it as these young people have been doing, acting in faith each day, giving it all with a goal in mind. Father, bless each one with renew strength, a greater sense of YOUR presence especially during these days of uncertainty in Israel. May these young servants see all your people through your eyes, eyes of love and compassion. In Christ’s name AMEN!

    Papa is checking in from Venezuela, that’s why I keep saying I, LOL!!! I know he and Emmanuel are very proud of you too! 🙂

  2. Team Israel,

    It was great to hear your report. That’s a wonderful complement about your block laying! PRAISE GOD!! I have been praying for you all even though I know none of you! My husband is a leader on Team Haiti! I have been so encouraged by your reports and especially with your personal testimonies. I am so thankful to Jesus Christ for changed lives! There’s no better family than the family of GOD!! How awesome to have the kinship you do with each other, and being able to walk where Jesus walked for his 33 years on this earth has to leave you with a tremendously powerful love and appreciation for HIM!!

  3. Thank you so much for the update and lettings us know that you guys are safe. I pray to God to keep you safe in midst of chaos.

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