Malawi #1 update

Hello Family and Friends!

We are 12 days in and all is well. Today, we were blessed to have morning chapel with the BMW students here in Rumphi. Our head male 10 Malawileader, Mr Beaver, gave a sermon on different cultures and how even though we come from different backgrounds, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. The BMW students were so excited to have us be a part of their morning service and our students were thrilled to experience something new. We were asked today to participate in helping them set up their obstacle course for their Boot Camp, which starts on July 20th, as well as assisting with construction on new doors for the showers here. Our team members were also blessed yesterday with assisting the Rumphi head leader, Miss Hanna, with phonics and music lessons. The children from Rumphi were very pleased to have our team members teach and be a part of the class.

We all have mixed feelings about the limited amount of time we have left here in Africa. Though we are starting to feel homesick, we feel saddened that we will be leaving here in less than 2 weeks. We now know most of the students and children here and have grown very attached to this way of life. Life moves at a much slower pace without the constant demand of our attention that technology brings. There is much more time for fellowship and relaxation here. Many of us have felt a peace in our minds, body and spirits that we would have never know existed had we not come here. Our meals here have been AMAZING! We had our 2 KP members, Natalie and Tilly, make delicious banada bread from scratch, and yesterday’s KP members, Anslie and Aspen, made the most incredible peanut butter brownies with vanilla frosting known to man. The drilling has so far gone fairly well with several problems. We are dealing with issues that are difficult to fix in a third world country and are praying that our project will be able to be completed. We ask that family and friends back home pray for the drilling to continue on schedule and that our hearts remain joyful, despite the setbacks we have experienced. We are praying that you have received our letters home and if not, know that they are on their way to you with much love from all of us here.


Hey everyone! I’m doing great. Every day we walk ½ a mile to get water. On Sunday we went to church. It was really great! Today, we’re back to work drilling and hauling water necessary for drilling. I really enjoy drilling! Our leaders are amazing and they make awesome food too! All the team members are great and I’m getting to be really good friends with some of them. This has been such an amazing summer and I’m so glad I came!

-Tilly Bergeron


I am so glad that I am back in Malawi. We are at the base in Rumphi and we are surrounded by mountains. We had a 10 hour truck ride to Rumphi but it was worth it. We need prayer for the well. We have hit some water after some hard rock, but we hit sand. It is clogging up the tubes, so please pray for that.

-May Wadman


Hey y’all! It’s Kenzie. I’m doing great! I’ve fallen in LOVE with Rumphi and with my team and all the people here. They are truly amazing! I’m gonna miss them so much when they leave me here. I miss my home, but I think when I leave here I’ll miss it so much more. My leaders are the most amazing leaders ever! They feed us so well and they make the best bread! Don’t worry mom, I still miss your cooking. As soon as I get back, you might be cooking for me a lot. God is doing so much in my life here, he’s changed my heart and my mind. I’ve noticed that I’m more happy. The drill is going okay. It’s fun, but we definitely need prayer. Yup. That’s what I’ve got. Love y’all.

-Kenzie Todd


The leaders would like to extend a very warm “Hello!” and “I love you, reeeeeally!” to all family and friends of the Monroe’s, the Yoder’s and my extended family in Canada and Amhestburg. We love you beyond words and thank you for your prayers of support. God bless you and keep you.



  1. Carolyn Ebersole

    Good Morning, It was wonderful to come to the website and see an update. We are missing ya’ll very much, too. I am happy to hear my granddaughters are using their cooking skills in Africa. We continue to pray for the safety and health of the team, as well as the success of the well drilling. We also pray for growth in your walk with God. Here’s a prayer request for ya’ll: Pray that Mr. Beaver’s peanut and soybean fields get sufficient rain. Many blessings to TEAM MALAWI #1 !!

  2. It was so hear from you today and that all is well.We have been praying that the drilling is successful and that everyone is well and happy.I can only imagine all the mixed emotions as you know your time in Malawi is winding down.We are just so grateful for the updates and encouraging words from all of you,that it brings us peace.I pray for your remaining time there to be one of unity in Christ and that the Lord will continue to use each ofyou for His purpose and His Glory.Raewyn you are an amazing person and I miss you so much,but God has a plan for you,so I will wait for you to come home,safe and sound!!Love you,mom

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